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18.02.2013 17:20

Journalists on Tea Sichinava’s professional conduct during incident in the Arguments program

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Kakheti Information Center asks journalists, that differently assess Tea Sichinava’s professional conduct in the article, to evaluate the incident in the Maestro TV program Arguments on February 13.

Head of Monitor Studio Nino Zuriashvili reported during her interview to the center, that the host of the Arguments program should have timely demanded from Koba Davitashvili to stop insulting his opponent.

“A journalist could have done anything perfectly and still there would’ve been an incident, but in this particular case a journalist, to my great surprise, simple shied away from it lowering her gaze. That’s what had happened when Koba Davitashvili insulted his opponent three or four times in a row. I thought they were in the private room setting straight one another,”- Nino Zuriashvili Reported to Kakheti Information Center.

Giorgi Mgeladze, Head of the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics says that in case the host couldn’t have settled the situation in the studio, the program should have went off live air. He believes though, that any journalist may be taken aback in a similar situation.

“A journalist in such situation should call upon appropriateness, and if the events go out of control the airing must be stopped then,”- Giorgi Mgeladze remarked.

Journalist Ia Antadze says in the same material, that it’s a truly hard task to quiet such confrontation during live air.

“We take into consideration the fact that the events were developing at dramatic pace, in a matter of second to be more precise. Tea tried to somehow bridle the confrontation, she actually warned Koba Davitashvili to refrain from such remarks during the airtime, but all in vain. What has happened could have possibly been avoided, but it’s a hard thing to do for a journalist when outright insults are involved.”- Antadze stresses and points out that “she was probably thinking that the confrontation wouldn’t go beyond certain limits. The confrontation wouldn’t have been brought to an end even in case she had launched an advertisement, the rumble simply wouldn’t have been aired. The live air is always tough in this respect.”

FYI, the member of parliamentarian majority Koba Davitashvili and National Movement deputy Sergo Ratiani have had an insulting exchange during the live airing of the Arguments program by Maestro TV. The confrontation later grew into fist fight. The employees of the TV Company being in the studio at the time helped separating the deputies.







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