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16.04.2013 17:16

Georgian delegation departs for Geneva discussions of switchover to digital broadcasting

Nata Dzvelishvili
Digital Broadcasting

Representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and of the Georgian National Communications Commission departed for a business-trip to Geneva related to switchover to digital broadcasting 16 April. 

Initiator of the meeting is the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia which appealed to the Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Hamadur Ture as asked him for ITU to organize sub-regional session of authorized representatives of Georgia’s neighbor countries which are part of radio-frequency planning European region (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran, Turkey, Russian Federation)  and of ITU leading experts in order to discuss important issues of radio-frequency planning and coordination. 

ITU agreed to the Ministry and the above mentioned session will be held in Geneva 18-19 April.  As long as the GNCC is without a chairman for the moment while it is in his competence to send employees to business-trips, members of the Commission decided by voting at a session whether or not the GNCC would participate in the meeting. 

GNCC decision reads that the aim of Geneva meeting is “coordination of frequencies for successful switchover to digital broadcasting and realization of digital dividends for the following ITU member countries:  Republic of Armenia, Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.” 

Following issues are to be discussed at the meeting:  goals of coordination of frequencies and discussion of current situation in the above mentioned countries in view of switchover to digital broadcasting, usage of other primary services and distribution in spectrum of digital dividend, deadlines for switchover to digital broadcasting and studying of parallel digital-analogue broadcasting requirements, frequency plan of television broadcasting before switchover to digital broadcasting and after the switchover. 

They will also discuss studying of possibilities of mutual coexistence of frequency spectrum resource user all possibilities technologies in each of the countries in UHF (470-862 mhz) diapason. 

They will discuss extension of insurance of objective admission to spectral resource for all countries, deadlines for distribution of digital dividends and procedures related to the process. 

At the meeting will also be discussed issues of coexistence related to frequency allocations and distribution, methodologies, which will insure such coexistence, technical means, which will insure decrease of interferences.  Additionally they will also discuss how ITU radio-communication bureau can assist the countries in solving problems existing between them. 

Deputy Head of the Communication, IF and Innovation Department of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development Jemal Vashakidze told before departing for the meeting that along with coordination of frequencies they will also discuss allocation of additional frequencies. 







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