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26.04.2013 19:25

Christian-Democratic Movement Calls on New Authorities to Investigate 7 November 2007 Police Raid on Imedi

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European Court of Human Rights has declared Imedi TV journalists’ applications inadmissible. TV representatives are not eligible to re-apply to theEuropean Court, therefore Christian-Democratic Movement calls on the new authorities to launch investigation into the police raid on Imedi TV on 7 November 2007, the Georgian daily Rezonansi reported on April 26.

According to the Rezonansi article the party applied to the Prosecutor’s Office two months ago, the investigation though has not been lunched thus far. Lawyer Ms Lia Mukhashavria, having presented the applicants to the European Court, says the reason of dismissing the application was the delayed submission.

The Rezonansi, has published the interview with Levan Vepkhvadze over the aforementioned issue. The European Court, he said, relied on the precedent decision once issued over an Armenian citizen. Due to 6-month delay his complaint was then dismissed. Vepkhvadze clarified that prior to applying to the European Court for a yeah and a half they had been repeatedly sending letters to the Prosecutor’s Office asking whether the investigation had launched over the November 7 Imedi TV raid. No response was provided though. 

Most probably the Prosecutor’s Office was aware of the Armenian citizen’s precedent decision, therefore they intentionally lingered out the response, anticipating dismissal of our application by the European Court for the delay.” said Vepkhvadze. “On the other hand,” he added, “if we had submitted the application to the Strasbourg Court in November 2008 they would have questioned why we had applied while some internal procedures were still pending. The Prosecutor’s Office played a good game in their favor, most likely they had been informed of the precedent, we are not lawyers though and have just learned about case law.”







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