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29.05.2013 10:50

Topic of Georgia Is No Longer Interesting for South Osetian and Abkhazian Media- Reporters
Media Discusions
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Since the August War of 2008, the Topic of Georgia has dwindled to minimum in South Osetian and Abkhazian media.

The statement regarding the aforementioned assertion has been made this year’s April by Osetian and Abkhazian reporters at the civil hearing held in Yerevan. The topic of this hearing was “the Language of Hatred-  Sokhumi, Tskhinvali, Tbilisi”. Georgian journalists and representatives of civil organizations as well participated in the event organized by the Caucasian Center for Civil Hearings( Georgia).

Zarina Sanakoeva- a journalist from Tskhinvali and local correspondent of “Ekho Kavkaza”(Caucasian Echo), analyzing the facts of the hatred  language in South Osetian media, says that the local inhabitants had focused their attention on the internal issues after the war had ended- for instance,on the issue of Tskhinvali restoration. This very circumstance has had an effect on media.

“Yet it doesn’t mean that the topic of Georgia isn’t covered at all  in South Osetian media. In this respect, I would classify media in terms the way each covers the given issues. A mere glance would suffice to see that the local internet- publications are the ones that most actively cover the Georgian issue, as their content is mostly meant for the readers from the other side of the border, rather then for the South Osetian audience. For example, has a rubric “ Georgian media Survey”, and the way they do it can be clearly seen from the titles of their publications- “ Under Circumstances of Anti-Russian Hysteria, Georgian Government Oppresses Rights of Citizens”, “ Even Parliament and Government Refuses to Speak to Their Own President”, “ Until Saakashvili Keeps Acting Like Infant, Government Is on the Verge of Important Decisions in Regard to South Osetia”, the journalist from Tskhivnali reports.

Yet another reporter –Izida Chania, Editor of Abkhazian newspaper “Nuzhnaia”(Necessary), remarks that since Russia’s recognition of the independence of Abkhazia, the local media had lost the interest towards Georgian-Abkhazian relationship.

“Not only you will not see heated debates regarding Georgian-Abkhazian relationship taking place in press or television, as it had been the case before the August War of 2008,or aggressive terminology, which had been the tendency after the war, you will not find whatsoever information in relation to Georgia. However, that doesn’t mean the viewpoints regarding Georgia that has been developing  throughout many centuries are erased all at once, I just mean that since Russia had recognized the independence of Abkhazia, the relationship with Georgia ceased being topical”- says the journalist.

Journalist Irakli Berulava, Georgian representative at the meeting and Production Manager of Internews-Georgia, and local expert of “Reporters Without Borders” organization, stressed in his report Georgian media’s becoming much more reluctant towards the coverage of Osetia-, and especially, Abkhazia- related issues after the parliamentary elections of 2012. His report as well reads that the language of hatred, with President Saakashvili’s rhetoric in the lead, hasn’t vanished altogether after the end of the 2008 War, yet its tone has softened a bit.

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