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19.06.2013 13:23

Illegally Obtained Video Recordings Featuring Privacy to Be Eliminated on June 23

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Video Recordings of Privacy, which have been illegally obtained, will be eliminated on June 23, at 15:00, in media’s presence,- the Public Defender Ucha Nanuashvili reported to journalists upon his leaving the building of the Interior Ministry.

The session of the commission, held at the Ministry, established specifically for that purpose is already concluded. The commission was headed by the Interior Minister, with the participation of Prosecutor General Archil Kbilashvili, as well as representatives of NGOs- Eka Gigauri, Lasha Tugushi, Kakhi Kakhishvili and others.

According the statement of the Public Defender, the video recordings containing elements of private life are written of 54 CDs, and is comprised of more than 12 800 files. He further added that the recordings as well contain materials showing the processes taking places at the offices of political parties, talks of the leaders, including talks of media representatives and representatives the clergy.

As it became clear during the session, the information regarding those video recordings was presented in the form of diagrams specifying the agencies that had made the recordings and with respect to which person they made it.

Tomorrow the commission is going to consider the issue of the elimination of political and other kinds of materials. Kakha Kakhishvili’s opinion for that matter, which he’s stated to journalists, is that the video recordings regarding the political processes, parties and their leaders mustn’t be eliminated. According to him, it is necessary to raise the issue of the responsibility of a concrete person, so that the West can see what the former government was engaged in.

“When congressmen see the real face of they have been considering to be the beacon of democracy, there will be far less epithets of that kind towards the former government,”- stressed Kakhishvili. He believes that tomorrow’s meeting requires consultations with the parties and their leaders, so that they know what recordings have been made with regard to the opponents.







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