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25.07.2013 11:25

Thomas Hammerberg Suggests Government to Eliminate Recordings Featuring Private Life - Rezonansi

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Special EU human rights representative Thomas Hammerberg shares the opinion of the major part of the society and calls upon the elimination of the illegal recordings that contain private life,- said in the July 15 issue of the Rezonansi newspaper.

Editor of the Rezonansi Lasha Tugushi, being the member of a special group for elimination of the recordings, says that according to the conclusion of Hammerberg, the footages showing private life must be subject to elimination.

“There was an uncontrollable reception  of information, so that nobody asked permission of no one. And this system is still in force and that is mentioned in the conclusion of Hammerberg”- Lasha Tugushi stresses during his conversation with the Rezonansi.

Referring to the Ministry of the Interior the publication writes that according to the latest data, the number of audio/video recordings of private life has increased from 17 to 25 thousands.

Parallel to that the Parliament has discussed at the first reading the amnesty draft bill regarding the secret recordings. The draft suggests that the people who will hand the recording over to the Ministry of the Interior within the period of one months after the law comes in force, will be exempted from criminal responsibility. According to the Rezonansi, the parliamentary minority is objecting to the draft bill.







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