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09.08.2013 09:26

I Cannot Understand for How Long Can I Be Considered as Employee While Not Being Able to Go on Air- Inga Grigolia

Gela Bochikashvili

On August 1, 2013 GPB employee Inga Grigolia together with the working group left the television. They were working on the program called Political Week, which was supposed to go on the air twice a week.

GPB spent GEL 52,000 for the preparation of the program’s decoration. In addition, GPB was spending up to GEL 15 thousands for the mutual monthly salary of the program’s 7 member group. The public broadcaster concluded a contract with Inga Grigilia in February 2013. Media.Ge talked to Inga Grigolia about the termination of the contract.

ინგა გრიგოლია

Why did you quit GPB?

I had concluded a contract with GPB and was supposed to be on air in April. I’d had everything prepared, include promo-trailer of the program.

I didn’t made the decision in one day. During all those months I was asking a question- when will I go on air? I myself don’t like the circumstance when you’re considered as an employee while you cannot provide a product to the audience through live broadcast.

Quite a time has passed since April, and I still hadn’t got the answer regarding my going on air. I didn’t have any conflict with Giorgi Baratashvili,  Director General of GPB. We had talked a number of times that I would go on air in September. But it turned that I couldn’t go on air until the middle of October, or even until the end of October. Hence my decision to quit.

In fact there was nothing that could have hampered the launch of the program. According to the contract, in April I should have already been on air with the program Gamarjoba. I have been the television’s employee for so long, yet I couldn’t go air. So it was simple for my to make the decision. 

The contract I had negotiated was valid including February 2014. Thus I could have just done nothing while still paid. But, really, I didn’t want to be in that condition and that was the reason behind my decision.

What was the reason that the program wasn’t launched?

I stared working for the television on invitation of Giorgi Baratashvili. He was then dismissed by the Board of Trustees, and the trial took place afterwards which reinstated him. When I asked my questions at the television, I was told that due the mess that had been taking place at the time, the tender was announced with delay. The studio had been prepared, it’s a fact, meaning that I could have already gone or air in September.

I don’t know whose decision it was, or what was the reason of that decision. I’m talking about facts, I had the contact concluded and for the next two months I couldn’t go on air. I was working, and I’m going to plan something in the nearest future.

I wouldn’t wish such time for the country when senior officials decide who will go air and who won’t. I don’t considered myself as being somebody’s enemy, at the time I’ve never felt that my failure to go on air made somebody happy. 

We could have delayed a bit more, had it not been for the elections that is drawing near. But I cannot understand for how long can I be considered as an employee while not being able to go on air. I spoke to Baratashvili over those issues and told him that, apparently, I cannot go on air until the presidential elections, and that it would be better to quit. We said goodbye to each other with great ease. 

Who do you think may have been interested in delaying the launch of your program for so long? There are rumors that Ivanishvili didn’t want your going on air on Channel 1, have you heard anything about that?

To tell the truth I have no idea whether or not Ivanishvili wanted my going on air. I haven’t had any contact with him in my life. I’ve thought that the program could have been blocked. Besides I don’t think that Ivanishvili really has time to think whether should or shouldn’t Grigolia go on air.

Why is it important for to go on air before the elections?

This program was specially prepared for the presidential elections. Its preparation started several months earlier.

To be honest, I do care about that program- about its being or not being put up the shelf during all those months. Considering that our country is now going through very interesting moments, one should launch a political program before the elections. It will as well be interesting after the elections, but this is the way I see it. 

When preparing a talk show, it’s rather important for all the journalists to go on air when the country is preparing for the presidential elections. There hasn’t been any other reason but that. We had already selected special guests. The promo of the program featured senior officials of the country.

My dismissal hasn’t been compulsory. I just think that I must continue doing my job. It been a year since I had withdrawn my candidature and didn’t show up at the television as an anchor.

I’ve been saying so far that I really needed a sterilization in order to completely free myself of political emotions. I was hoping that I would go on air in April.

You have been working for the television since February 15, five months have passed since then. What kind of work have you been doing within this period?

Now the studio is ready and in September I could easily appear on air. In response they said the new season is to start after mid October.

In the past five months I have made numerous shots the technical team has been working on. It was not a one-day work. A serious work has been done and I stood ready.

Wherever it is possible to be on air with my project I will be there. I am very much sorry it failed to happen on the public broadcaster.

Which televisions you have got offers from, TV 3’ Director General Kakha Baindurashvili says he is conducting talks with you.

Not only from TV 3. At the moment we are considering over the launch of my program on their TV. They are now getting ready for the new TV air. But I have got some other offers too. I am not hasting to tell anything in advance, since my announcement on the launch of the program on Channel 1 did not work. Therefore I’d better speak after I am on air.

I am very much eager to be on air with the program we used to produce during the presidential campaign. I am personally not going to let talks last long, I will make a firm decision in the upcoming days.

I am not sure if I am going to be air with the similar program. I am considering three offers from different televisions over the similar type of program or a different one. I don’t feel like speaking to you over anything. I have to decide on one particular television I am conducting talks with, I am not sure where this project is going to go to, I don’t want to feel awkward to any television. 







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