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03.09.2013 09:09

I Regret that We Upset Bidzina Ivanishvili,”- Luba Eliashvili

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“Director General of TV 9 Luba Eliashvili regrets that PM Bidzina Ivanishvili has been made upset due to the suspension of the TV company until September 1”- Luba Eliashvili told the Prime-Time.

In her conversation with the newspaper Eliashvili says that her decision with regard to the closure of TV9 had been well-reasoned.

“There was no protest at all, but a very stressful attitude on the part of politicians- the moment they saw us, they asked: Hey, haven’t you closed as yet? And it’s very stressful to work under such circumstances,”- Eliashvili reported to the Prime-Time.

According to her, a financial probe has been launched into the television and no violations were detected. Director General of the Channel says that currently she’s doing networking with people interested in buying TV 9.

“Now there is the period of paying out the salaries, and the PM keeps his promise for that matter, so everyone will get two month salary. This it what takes place at the moment,”- Eliashvili stressed.

TV 9 suspended functioning after the main evening newscast  by the decision of its Director General Luba Eliashvili on August 19. Prior to that, PM Bidzina Ivanishvili made a statement regarding the closure of TV9 and Info 9, and mentioned that it’s unacceptable for him when country’s top officials have television in their possession.

“Despite the fact that the legislation doesn’t impose a ban upon having a television,  it nevertheless brings certain inconvenience to me and my family, which I have stated a number of times. We wanted to alienate TV9 and Info 9 right after having won in the elections, but decided to prolong the functioning of the media outlets due to respect and sense of responsibility towards the employees for another 10 months. During all that period we were looking for the buyer, that would bring the media outlets back to operation. On Friday, August 16, we had the refuse of the last potential buyer,” –reads the statement of Bidzina Ivanishvili.







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