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03.12.2013 14:48

Georgian TV in 2020

Unlike a pure scientific review, more subjective, bold hypotheses and generalizations are acceptable in essays. Well, from this moment on I too am not afraid to be “lightly” scientific and more subjectively bold in my hypotheses or generalizations, as neither more nor less – i am writing an essay!

- Ahem! Frankly, what is here to be generalized?! Or who needs a great deal of venture (for God’s sake) to say that however Georgian television might evolve by 2020 – I’ll still never turn on a TV (though, I suppose to have one at home – some kind of a museum exhibit)! But there was a time when I could not even imagine staying a single second without a TV in this cruel life full of seconds (this is my option of lifetime, as I reduced a minute by entire 60 units and made it out to a second, which is actually more consistent with the essence of the life and existence of our rooms, illuminated by TV lights). So, what was I saying?! What was I saying? (I’ll reread the above and recall what I was writing)... Yeah, I would not turn on a TV - I mentioned above. It was a time as I was a devoted admirer of television… especially in my childhood, in the era of “cerulean” nineties, as the electricity used to play hide and seek with us and nobody knew, from which line it would be coming – the “proper” or “shady”. And that's when it made sense - to expect having a close look at the pell-mell whirled in Georgian TV space; that’s what I call "adrenaline" and suddenness effect, unlike today’s "tuned" country, where no one is in no way surprised, or?!

And that’s what happened to me... as I had realized that I couldn’t get surprised by anything and got only “informised” by this lying rectangle hex-box, I began to read books. Hahahhahahah, funny is not it? Is this really funny?! I think somehow (by a closer glance) it should not be funny, because in those lightless nights (in already mechanical expectation of a TV switching) as I started reading books just to kill time (hahaha, "kill time"), then I realized where I really was "rambling around" before that, and then I found out how loud my father could roar – put this stinking oil-lamp out, you’ll blind your eyes, you poor thing, it dawns soon there and so you can read by daylight, at least we could kerosene this way – yeah, such hard times had come to Georgia by then....


Now something else... I am still student and now I’ve even recalled that I am participating in a student contest called “Georgian television in 2020”. So, it’s time to take the issue more seriously and have some talk about 2020 (of course, with regard to the television development).

Not to be “jazzing around” (though, I highly appreciate Jazz as such), in 2020 I’ll be about 30. About, I said, as I am not going to disclose my actual age (give or take a year). My child, who is probably going to be born by this time (I intend to have a baby in these years and this wish is absolutely not due to ignoring a TV by me), will become smarter and I’ll not be able to avoid the necessity of introducing him, or her the TV - as a museum exhibit. Let the kid get familiar with it and decide, what’s better. So, what I was saying is that when I switch the TV in 2020 after such a long parting, I can already imagine, what my eyes are going to see – sensors, sensors, sensors everywhere. A virtual Zaliko, activated by a single sensory movement of my hand – Zaliko, who might even be absent at the TV company area at that moment, and lying on a soft sofa at home, would give us an illusion of being sitting in a TV information room. And Diana, also controlled by sensors, may be in the kitchen at that moment baking a khachapuri for her grandchildren, as we meanwhile would be watching her electronic shadow line in TV. So, these anchors would make virtual plays with us; then they will really – without pretending – swallow beautiful Georgian words and, mumbling in unintelligible English-Georgian, say us good bye with a vague smile, smeared by a sensor?

Who knows, maybe the present-day television companies wouldn’t be there to that time. OH, what a cruel and inacceptable idea it is, is all this going to get ruined and destroyed?! These immortal traditions and immortal parasites, called “slang” and “language pest” have to disappear? This ogling, this gurgling speech of our weather forecasting model-anchors, together with amazing collocations – is this all going to disappear?! Shall we have to forget the impregnability of some TV anchors after they’ve blurted out one more stupid thing - as a result of their illiteracy in Georgian language?! Shall we have to forget that there are urbanists instead of journalists going on the air?!

So, we’ll be OK, shall not we?

By the year 2020, probably, many design types will change in the production business of the newest TVs. Lots of tendencies will be reassessed and new directions will start flourishing in Georgian television broadcasting. It would be nice, if the TV companies would keep up with modern tendencies, taking in account wishes of Georgian public. No one can escape the echo of technical and human revolutions from the rest of the world... new needs worldwide... after all, we are a part of the globalization too, are not we?.. Though, who knows, maybe some things will still remain unchanged. For example, every Georgian TV company might simultaneously talk about chances of receiving the MAP... or inform us one more time that the roof of Tbilisi Airport has been blown away again as a result of another breeze... or the entire country could weep over personal tragedies, bloated up to a reality show... the modernist screen could jingle again due to millions of people shouting furiously to somebody: re-sign, re-sign?! Let’s live until then and see what happens.

Whatever comes, whatever technical perfection would be reached by Georgian television - purity of Georgian language has to remain of a subject of continuing priority! Maybe, at least in 2020 we would be able to hear the “language of Gods and velvet sounds” without distortions?! Hopefully, in the irreversible process of globalisation (which I very much welcome), in 2020 foreign tourist would not be more proficient in Georgian language - the unique differentiator of our race relating the rest of the world – than our own TV anchors.

I like the Globalisation idea. Nobody should regard me being a backward and non-globally thinking one.

This is my “Georgian television in 2020” by a lone, stray Conservatory student!


Megi Chikhradze - Tbilisi V. Sarajishvili State Conservatory     







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