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25.11.2013 18:02

Akhaltsikhe Ninth Channel’s Digital Switchover Related Difficulties

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მე-9 არხი სამხრეთის კარიბჭეში

Director of Akhaltsikhe TV company the Ninth Channel Maia Ivelashvili and journalist Tiko Kurtanidze spoke in the Southern Gate’s November 22 issue of the “Week’s Accent” program with reference to the main issues of the TV company and the peculiarities of the regional television’s work.

Maia Ivelashvili said that the difficulties going parallel to the process of digital switchover are the main issues the Ninth Channel is facing. According to her,  digital broadcasting as well  requires, besides financing, a licensed, quality production.

“The coverage area increases also, and in case of switching over to digital broadcasting, the following regions will be included in our coverage area-Javakheti-Akhalkalaki, Ninotsminda, Khulo and Keda.” Ivelashvili stressed that the situation is deteriorating for the television, as the increase of coverage area requires additional transmitters and staff. She believes that a merger of several televisions may be the solution for that matter.

Ninth Channel’s representative as well named scarce technical basis, insufficient finances and lack of staff to be some of the problems the channel’s dealing with.

Maia Ivelashvili stressed that the media bears greater resemblance to an NGO rather than business. Development of advertising market in the regions hasn’t been fulfilled as yet, so grants and donor organizations remain the main income source for the Channel.

5 journalist currently work on the preparation of 11 programs and a daily newscast, and have, therefore, to combine several positions. And that’s the circumstance that, according to Tiko Kurtanidze, makes a lot of difficulties and turns into a tiresome affair. In addition, lack of respondents is one of the main issues she has as a journalist, which makes them record the same persons and inviting them as guests to the programs.







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