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28.11.2013 11:32

Apple Buys Israeli Based Start-up PrimeSense

Aleksandre Keshelashvili
New Media

The Apple company has purchased Israeli PrimeSense at the price of USD 350 millions. One of the persons working on the contract reported to media outlets, that the agreement between the companies had already been made last week, but that they hadn’t divulged the information at the time.

Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet said in her conversation with Bloomberg, that Apple buys small companies occasionally, and that that’s just another agreement. “Meanwhile, the company doesn’t ordinarily divulge its plans and objectives,”- Huguet added.

The buying of PrimeSense will give Apple an opportunity to develop digital projects in the future. PrimeSense employs such technologies that sense depth for 3D mobile phone cameras through sensors. That technology of PrimeSense enables users to use navigation and 3D shopping applications in the buildings. For instance, when buying a sofa, people will no longer have to carry out additional measuring work, but digitally adjust the sofa of their choice to their room.

Apple has apparently decided to buy PrimeSense within the framework of the Cupertino project. In a campus located in a California city carrying the same name, Apple united those small companies that work on future projects. This year Apple bought one such small company called Passif Semiconductor. In 2010 Apple as well bought Intrinsity-a firm working on future projects, and in 2008 the company P.A. Semi. In addition, Apple also bought Israeli firm Anobit, so as to enhance its flash memory technology.


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