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17.12.2013 16:09

Samkhretis Karibche – from printed media to multimedia

Khatia Lomidze
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სამხრეთის კარიბჭე

Online-studio has been opened in October 2013 in the Samtskhe-Javakheti-based media organization Samkhretis Karibche (Southern Gate).  The studio is not completed yet; banner also has to be made.  Depite that Samkhretis Karibche Chief Editor Nino Narimanashvili still decided to add a program to the website. 

The first program recorded in Samkhretis Karibche online-studio is Weekly Accent, which was uploaded to the website for the first time 30 October 2013.  Weekly Accent is dedicated to events underway in the region during a week and is uploaded to the website at 8 p.m. every Friday. 

Weekly Accent is made by three persons:  presenter, cameraman and technical director.  The crew uses 2 video-cameras and 1 mixer for recording the program. 

Weekly Accent presenter Tamuna Uchidze worked in front of camera for the first time so the new job was not easy for them. 

“For me the given job is a little stressful.  When working for a newspaper or website you can record some comment by phone and in case of program it is different.  If you do not have footage or respondent does not come for recording a program everything if finished.  This complicates my work,” Tamuna Uchidze says. 

One of the main problems for the program presenter is lack of respondents.  “How can you have the same person speak about all topics?! Whatever topic you plan a program on, it often happens so,” Uchidze said. 

Technical director of Weekly Accents works on a program for the first time also.  Otar Atskureli told that the new job seemed hard to him, although after training he realized that he would be able to do the new job. 

Southern Gate is participant of IREX G-MEDIA New Media Initiative (NMI); the online studio was made right in framework of the given program. 

სამხრეთის კარიბჭე

სამხრეთის კარიბჭე

There was a place for videos on South Gate website before the studio was launched.  In the given rubric, along with other video-reports they posted press digest and question of the day.  Weekly Accent recorded program is also uploaded in the same rubric.  Nino Narimanashvili told that website redesign is also planned and a separate rubric will be allocated for the program.  According to Narimanashvili, the website does not satisfy their current pace of work as along with article the multimedia materials also are uploaded.  There is no separate rubric for them so materials often get mixed up and readers get confused. 

Southern Gate also plans to make other new programs.  Starting summer 2014 the rubrics Visiting the Gates, Farmer and Portrait will be added to the website.  Program about historic monuments is also planned.  Narimanashvili told that readers lack easy, entertaining programs so these programs will be relatively lighter. 

Southern Gate is a public-political newspaper of Samtkhe-Javakheti which is being published since June 2004.  Information portal was created on the basis of the newspaper in March 2012. 

Along with Southern Gate participants of IREX G-Media New Media Initiative are newspapers Guria News and Akhali Gazeti (New Newspaper).  In framework of the given program the participants have received online-studios and have been trained in web-broadcasting.  

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