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15.01.2014 16:15

Maestro Direction Doesn’t Want to Question Ruling Government During Talk-Shows

Newspaper Rezonansi
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გაზეთი 'რეზონანსი'

The Rezonansi newspaper has spoken to journalists Eka Kvesitadze, Ia Antadze and Natia Koberidze over the closure of the Polymeter and Arguments talk-shows on Maestro.

“Their reasoning is that people are no longer interested in political talk-shows, the rating of which has allegedly plummeted down…the fact that Maestro direction wants to transform the television into a cognitive- entertaining channel is a big mistake I think, and awakens in me unpleasant associations from the similar experience on Rustavi 2,”- Kvesitadze reported to the Rezonansi.

According to her, Maestro has found a niche in the TV space with its political talk-shows, so the society is interested in them.

Ia Antadze believes that by closing the political talk-shows, Maestro is, perhaps, trying to “optimize intellectual forces and finances.”

Natia Koberidze suggested in the meantime that it’s necessary that the media space is full of political talk-shows, so that any acute question can be put to politicians.

“The closure of the political talk-shows simply indicates that neither the journalists working on the channel nor its direction want to ask questions to the ruling government at talk-shows,”- Koberidze clarified her opinion regarding the closure of political talk-shows on Maestro, in her conversation with the Rezonansi.

She further added that it will be difficult for Maestro to find its place in the entertaining niche in the TV space, as its rival televisions- Rustavi 2 and Imedi have relatively greater financial resource at their disposal.

The information regarding the closure of Polymeter and Arguments on Maestro has been reported to Media.Ge by the chief producer of Maestro, Natia Gamtsemlidze. She said that the guests of the 9 o’clock newscast will assess the main developments of the day.







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