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24.02.2014 17:01

Rustavi 2 Resorts to More Criticism Now - Nika Gvaramia

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ნიკა გვარამია

TV company Rustavi 2 has been applying more criticism now than in the last nine years, said Rustavi 2’s Director General reporting to the Prime Time.

“Even though pro-governmental position was the choice of Rustavi2 as a legitimate choice of media I have a different vision of the television in those nine years as well as in these nine years. I do believe it has got to resort to criticism,” said Nika Gvaramia on February 24.

The newspaper published a lengthy interview with the Rustavi 2 chief having discussed the TV stance in case of similar developments in Georgia like those in the Ukraine.

“If Georgia happens to plunge into a similar condition like Ukraine today Rustavi 2 will resort to hyper criticism. Provided the Association Agreement falls under the question mark – it is going to be the crossing of key red line of our editorial approach. It has nothing to do with the United National Movement. It’s our stance as a media,” said Nika Gvaramia.

Reporting to the newspaper the TV chief pointed out that Rustavi 2 is the media to provide best coverage of similar events without any restrictions.

“However beneficial it might appear, media is not to represent itself as a party and become let’s say “the winner people’s television,” he added.

In case, he said, Georgia’s independence is jeopardized and it ever faces a risk of being brought back to the Soviet Union Rustavi 2 will be standing ready to protect the independence of the country.







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