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30.06.2014 11:00

Rustavi 2 Refuses to Participate in the Contest for Multiplex Construction

Nata Dzvelishvili
Digital Broadcasting

კომუნიკაციების ეროვნული კომისია

TV company Rustavi 2-founded Mux LLC, having refused to participate in the contest to construct multiplex to secure digital switchover, withdrew its application. Speaking at the June 30 oral hearing at the Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) Rustavi 2’s Technical Director Giorgi Kumsiashvili said the decision was preconditioned by some financial issues. The Mux LLC Director Izabela Gutidze said the problem had unexpectedly popped up and within short period of time they failed to find another source of funding.

Mux LLC had applied to the contest for the construction of A multiplex to secure the dissemination of broadcasting signal across the country. Within the framework of the same lot the company had an opportunity to spread the signal of various local broadcasters in 20 head ends nationwide.

Another application was withdrawn by Stereo +having initially applied for two lots. The company said no to the A+B+2 combination lot, the broadcaster though is still running for the contest for the construction of B multiplex lot. At the start the company applied for A+0 lot but yet at the documents verification stage, having figured out the lot happened to match with the Mux LLC application, Stereo + withdrew its application.

At the June 30 meeting the Commission dismissed the alternative option of the Stereo +’s technical decision on the construction of the network to secure digital switchover. According to the aforesaid decision Stereo + was intending to cover wider scale of population through the receivers installed at 35 different places instead of 42 as of announced by GNCC.

In regard to the contest papers the meeting publicized the report released by GNCC’s radio Frequency Management Department. Despite some minor shortcomings, reads the report, the documentation provided by Stereo +is corresponding to the contest terms and conditions and gives no ground for disqualification.

In general out of ten lots announced within the framework of the contest the applications had been submitted for three of them but ultimately the contest will be held for the only lot (B+2) with the participation of the only competitor.

The Commission is supposed to reach decision on July 1, at the contest meeting Stereo + LLC will be declared winner, the will become the holder of three licenses. Within the framework of the MUX – B license the company will be authorized to disseminate TV broadcasters through open air within national coverage network. Within the framework of the MUX – C and MUX – D licenses the company will be authorized to disseminate broadcasting signal through open air as well as for commercial purposes (Pay TV).

In  the course of the sitting the Stereo + representative Davit Zilpimiani got irritated by the Rustavi 2 Technical Director Giorgi Kumsiashvili’s question. Upon the completion of the meeting the incident grew into a verbal abuse. Security guards happened to interfere to ease the tension.







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