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03.06.2010 12:15

What even he wealthy don't cry about

David Mchedlidze
Media Discusions

"Blisters" - are cornified parts on skin surface. In old times (when there were jobs available) they emerged mostly as a result of hard work. After breakdown of the Soviet Union, and, especially, after the "Rose Revolution", blisters emerge mostly in eyes, which is caused by endlessly watching the same faces on Georgian TV channels (Definition Dictionary of Georgian Dementia, issued in 2010, under the editorship of L. Lekiashvili, page # 2 455 763).

And if you ask us, we all aspire to superiority!

And not just now, but from way back!

I've heard, a soldier that does not dream of becoming a general is no good, but Georgia is the country where everyone is born as a general and no surprise that no one dreams of advancement; moreover, their ability to dream does not develop at all.

Though, they should not be judged - a general does not need to dream and cannot move forward, as long as he is a general already!

But the point is that absence of ability to dream has its own accompanying phenomena - hanging about and scratching, besides, this produces an illusion of doing a business.

This is similar to the phenomenon, when someone is in a train, is looking out of the window at another train on rails nearby that moves in the opposite direction and thinks that it is his/her train that moves forward.

And this applies to us, too - we stay where we are born till the last! We don't move forward and we don't move back either! The world revolves around us; we watch it and think that it is us moving (Lavoisier's law)!

I've wandered too far away from the main point of my letter, but I think that this is exactly the factor that has caused the facecrisis settled in our TV broadcasting space (though there is no Georgian equivalent for this word, the phenomenon is definitely Georgian).

I am speaking now about the entertainment, trivia and gambling shows, where as a rule some quite substantial amounts of money are raffled.

These shows are mostly brought from abroad and are quite popular there. But... as the saying is, there is one "but".

In their countries of origin these shows are designed for mainstream audience and participants are chosen among simple, general public. That is, the TV viewers can call, participate and win money. This is the idea of the above-mentioned shows and TV games.

Let's see now, what happens here - here this, as well as everything, is designed for special people only.

Back in the old days, in communists' times there was a saying - in order to get a job, you need to be a member of trade union and in order to be a member of trade union you need to have a job.

I don't know, who may have cursed the Georgians, but the fact is that up to the present day we live in accordance with that phrase - in order to become famous you need to participate in a TV show and in order to participate in a TV show you need to be a celebrity (let alone the money!).

That is exactly why an ordinary citizen cannot find way to shows like "All In" for example, where everything depends on luck and not on intellect. That is, those who win money are those who somehow or other already have money, as compared to others.

This is the way that we, the Georgians live: we just sit and watch the lucky Arveladzes; and if they had displayed the same skills and abilities at the stadium that they displayed on the TV show, I would not be Germany team fan now.

We watch an honest man from Kutaisi who confessed to being a representative of sexual minorities and we wonder why he was given 400 lari for this confession while Eka Kvaliashvili was given 10 000 lari - for mentioning Irakli Lomaia and Lela Tsurtsumia in a negative way.

I make no secret of the fact that if I was paid money for swearing at fortune tellers and Georgian singers I would be a millionaire now, but this is exactly the point - I, as well as you, will never find the way to that chair, in spite of the fact that me and you need money more than Eka Kvaliashvili does and we have more to tell than she does (and not only her).

We can say the same about the recently added show - no matter how great and practiced your intuition is - Nika Kavtaradze will still invite singers, actors and politicians to his show. The prize is quite modest - taking into account how blossoming our country is - 5 000 lari. This amount seems to be too small for celebrities and the wealthy to try to win it and they should give way to mere mortals...

As the luckiest and the most famous person of ours says - no such luck! Nothing of the sort! This is Georgia - the coolest country in the world!

I remember that not long ago there was the mind game for children on Rustavi 2 - "The Smartest". During one of the seasons they announced that the same show was being prepared for grownups, too - I was glad, I thought that I could participate and even if I did not win money, computer and a trip abroad, at least I could become famous...

Again, no such luck! Nobody ever mentioned the telephone number you could call to get to the show and nobody ever announced beginning of filming. The season started and the same people appeared on the screen as before.

As I have told you, this is the way, we, the Georgians live - we watch the same faces that win money, we get the "blisters" in our eyes; then new shows are launched, where there appear the same people that caused us "blisters" in eyes; and all this is very similar to putting pressure on "blisters" and only Georgians can understand how pressing on "blisters" feels - because they are gifted!

By the way, I know, you will now tell me - "The Gifted" was designed for ordinary people, what can you say about that? I'll tell you that "The Gifted" is definitely for ordinary people, but we are in Georgia - we just cannot help inviting all of the finalists of "The Gifted" to TV shows!

Georgian TV space has converted to the endless circle (as you already know, this is Lavoisier's law) that you can't penetrate, unless someone from the outside pushes you, or someone from the inside drags you in and puts you in front of camera. There is still en exception - a show where the winner is determined through text messages. These shows will accept you with pleasure, they will caress and hug you, they will make your family spend one year's salary and the winner will be the same... You may win and even become popular, but it will take so many text messages that it's not worth it.

We remember some ordinary shows where anyone could participate, for example, there was a show (brought from abroad) - named "Weak Link". Also, quite recently there was a programme named "The Eight", which was quite popular among the TV viewers, but it was hastily closed - we are Georgians, and it does not befit that the Georgian TV broadcasting space is bedraggled by "some soft "L"-speaking churls"; we have already held the fashion-week, and so forth.

Even the most popular show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" that has the biggest number of viewers in the world and has changed lives of many people, has converted to a charity show in Georgia and somehow the text message system was added to it.

The idea of charity is great but what if I, too, want to help someone who is in need with the money I have won thanks to my wits? Why it is only Pavle Kublashvili and Gigi Tsereteli who have the right to be charitable? Why I or you don't have this right? Can anyone answer?

At the end, I would like to conclude my letter by mentioning an interesting fact: in 2009 the "Oscar" went to the movie "Slumdog Millionaire". The plot of the movie is as follows: a boy who lives in a slum in Mumbai (former Bombay) participates in the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" show and wins 20 000 000 rupees. At the end it becomes clear that each stage of the boy's life had dictated him the correct answers to each question.

Unfortunately, a boy like him in Georgia, who lives in the street, will never become a millionaire, because the millionaires already participate in this show! All he can do is just sit and wait for somebody ignorant but wealthy to win the money and help him and his family with the benevolent smile on his/her face!

See you soon!







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