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09.06.2010 08:50

Little Grownups

David Mchedlidze
Media Discusions

Father-in-law from Kakheti arrived in a multi-children family. Son-in-law hosted him nicely, treating him with a wonderful table. Following a toast to the dead a toast to life and children was made. Shortly afterwards the head of the family, the father of nine children left the table.

After his absence for a long while father-in-law started looking for him and his daughter. Eventually he found his son-in-law and daughter in of the rooms making love!

-"Are you crazy, bastards? - Father-in-law went off his head - "Why exactly now when I am here?! You have got so many kids and still carrying on?"

-"What can we do, Avtandilovich! - Son-in-law replied back -"we have got many kids yes but still there's still a lot to do!"

You might consider it as an echo to the election topic. But surely kids are the best of what there is to do and in this regards there is really a lot to do, our demographic situation is a clear proof.

But instead of making new ones the kids we already have need normal upbringing and education and that's our responsibility.

Saying normal I mean normal and it has got the only definition - normal education means a normal future citizen and a normal person to build and maintain a normal state.

June 1 is an international Children's Day.

On June 1 all means of media worldwide aired cartoons, movies for kids', etc.

In Georgia, as usual, the day was differently marked.

Out of all Georgian TV channels (excluding regional TV channels) the Russian-language REGION-TV was the only one having remembered that kids watch the channel too and dedicated its airtime to the fairy tales and movies for kids throughout a day.

It's understandable that two years ago Georgia was in war and that is not the country it used to be during Shevardnadze's period and thinking that Tbilisi TV tower is better than then Eiffel tower but kids are still kids! Kids do still love Winnie-the-Pooh and its friends the way we loved them and do still support Tsuna's and Tsrutsuna's love like before.

Kids are kids in every country and in any epoch but in Georgia everything is modern and Imedi TV having congratulated kids on the day in the morning aired The Samsonadzes (a Georgian cartoon with a similarity to the Simpsons) as a cartoon.

Our generation was brought up with Jays Wedding and Nightingale's Anniversary (old Georgian cartoons), the following generation with Dardubala (animated TV series) and the recent one with The Samsonadzes - the progress is indisputably evident.

I know The Samsonadzes is being made with a similarity to the Simpsons and it's watchable worldwide but I would dare say with an apology that they are still missing a lot to be compared with the Simpsons!

One would never find any evident or covert hints of political character political in either series of the Simpsons while our kids have already seen Putin kicking Medvedev making him fly to America.

Watching cartoons kids gain examples to follow in addition to fun - that might be reason our generation having grown up with the Village Builders (old Georgian cartoon) tried to build the country singing and what they did manage is now evident. And we are still going to see what family the boy brought up with Gela Samsonadze's example is going to create, but I don't think there will be much to see.

Let's get back to the kids programs and see what Imedi TV aired upon the completion of the cartoon - 12:00 - TV series Secret Passion!

Of course! How can the children's day pass without a good TV series! And in general how is life possible without TV series!

I wouldn't say our generation or older ones had everything well arranged in terms of didactics and education but I don't think Huan's, Frankos' and Oscar's example can result into a better outcome than the history of Athos, Parthos and Aramis.

One might think of the progress of the country, religion, sport, fashion, fun, humor, legislation, elections, legal reform, police, music, economy but thinking about everything except children is impermissible since all things mean nothing without kids and tomorrow when this generation grows up we'll be held responsible.

As mentioned above REGION-TV was the only one having dedicated its airtime to children. The sensitiveness of GPB First Channel, having aired documentaries and the program Memory, is also noteworthy but this channel usually airs similar programs though they are at least undisputedly better than Columbian TV series.

Rustavi 2 either didn't show off much - in June 1 the channel congratulated children with Akaki Gogichaishvili's program Business Courier and afterwards Latino American cheap and freckled actors from the TV series Love me Again.

Sakartvelo TV company too marked Children's Day in an interesting way. At last our kids had a possibility to re-watch the documentary series Ross Kemp: Return to Afghanistan. And the TV air was ended with a TV series Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

According to Saint-Exupéry "we come from our childhood!" Now I am thinking and cannot understand where the Georgian TV managers come from? Not from childhood, that's for sure!

Georgian (and not only) TV air is overloaded with aggressive shows either movies, criminal chronicles or anything else. June 1 is the only day the children around the world should get some rest from aggression and negative energy.

And right on the day Georgian TV air is filled with TV series, documentary thrillers and political cartoons!

There can be the only reason - so far we don't understand that freedom first of all means responsibility. And Georgian TV workers are mainly irresponsible.

Airing The Adventures of Buratino (Priklyucheniya Buratino) and Ivanushka the Fool (Ivanushka Durachok) doesn't mean independence but carelessness. Due to this carelessness the most vulnerable part of the society is being affected.

It's clear no one is watching TV on the day, children should go to the park for some fun, various celebrations are being organized; parents should take them to the theatre, buy ice cream... but not everybody can afford it. What can the kids do if their parents hardly managed to save some money to pay the electricity bill? Should they sit at home and watch TV series?

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