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11.06.2010 13:09


David Mchedlidze
Media Discusions

It took me a while to choose the way to begin this letter. The thing is that I have come across a rather interesting and significant piece of news informing that for the first time, since 2005, the revenue in the TV and radio broadcasting went down by GEL 10,000,000 in 2009, according to the report 2009 by the Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) having additionally provided the revenue in the same field in the previous years.

Since 2005 the revenues in broadcasting turned out to be tending to grow slightly but on a regular basis. For instance in 2005 this figure was over GEL 31 mln, in 2006 - over GEL 52 mln, in 2007 - GEL 80 mln and in 2008 - GEL 10 mln.

According to the 2009 data the revenue decreased to GEL 89, 674, 480.

So yes, I was puzzled over the start of the letter.

Was about to quit everything and switch to another topic when a neighbour called me - guys are going to play Jocker (card game), fancy joining us?

How good Italian yards are from time to time!

Suddenly my mind flashed and here is the result:

David Copperfield arrived in Georgia, after having travelled around the country he went back home and told Claudia Schiffer (his wife at the time): have decided to end my career as a magician.

-Come on David! - Claudia was shocked - What made you decide on that?

-I have lost faith in myself! Said David sighing - Georgians are magicians, not me - no one works, they keep singing throughout life but they are still better-off than me!

It has been like that since ancient times - everybody used to work but Georgians and Georgians have always been living in a cool way.

Seemingly the same trend is being on, the aforementioned report and the actual being of Georgian TV and radio broadcasting is its clear evidence.

It's very clear to everyone that GEL 89 mln is nothing much - our TV and radio revenue is equal to Larry King's annual income but we know it's Georgia and our state budget 7-8 years ago was the same as Larry King's salary.

Absolutely surprising - if our economics is prospering and it hasn't collapsed, and even world crisis hasn't affected us and if Gldani (district in Tbilisi) Disney Land is better than the Californian one then why the GEL 10 mln cutback? And if we have poor TV and radio how come brand new expensive programs pop up daily on air?

And the main thing - if our televisions do not subsist through grants (what everyone - either authorities or media insists on) then how come the revenues are diminishing, no staff is being made redundant, and we carry on procuring projects like before?

Citing Vazha Zazaevich - that's the point!  No money but everyone is still well-off and successful. But where should we find the logic?

Has anybody got any clue how much the Nichieri (talented) project cost? Or how much was paid for the Intuition project? Where did this money come from? Maybe from above?

I got stuck over the issue, since I couldn't find answers to my questions and I had no acquaintance working for the aforementioned projects to furnish me with some info. Finding no logic in it was the worst part, but again a neighbour helped me through his game of Pocker:

Georgia's being including its media is much alike a game of Pocker.

By the way I would like to point out that this card game is mainly played in Georgia and hardly ever found in other countries.

I will try to my best to explain why Jocker is being concerned: nine cards are distributed to each player. No one cares about victory. Not to be mocked at by the next sitter is the issue.

Year-wise the card distributions have been made either by US, or Russia, or EU or NATO. We never distribute cards and if we are told to shuffle we just say: "We trust you!"

In every 4-5 years "pulka" (game term which also means elections in Georgian) ends and the "writer" (the one who makes written records, in our case - the media) tabulates the results. Media, as a rule, never plays, therefore the victory is always on its side.

The decrease in the previous year's revenue was nothing else but a minus. In general, as a rule, the one who is not playing can get no minus but it is Georgia - the game rules are set by the one having won the last "pulka" (phase).

Our main mistake is that we, as inexperienced players, didn't indicate "strogii"(means strong in Russian, if "strogii" is indicated on the paper the forger of the game is punished with losing the highest score) at the very beginning of the game. And "strogii" is visually much alike the Dollar symbol.

Due the absence of "strogii the writer from the previous year got a minus again and the one having been winning so far got a bonus this year too. And the writer misappropriated scores to somehow get out of the debts from the last year.

-10,000,000 is not a funny thing (due to the absence of "strogii.")

As regards us, as a rule, we are fucked up. We are either ripped off or stuffed in. And then if we are overstuffed we pretend to be ripped off.

We are not even afraid of the penalty - Haven't I told you there is no "strogii."

Hopefully someone will think at least now how come "minused" media has got so many expensive projects.

And if it is not going to make anyone think about it then I am off!

See you!







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