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14.11.2011 13:57

Nothing but Truth!

David Mchedlidze
Media Discusions

For an epigraph: during communist regime to mark the stance of the newspaper Pravda (Truth) a fantabulous well-turned phrase was rather popular among Russian dissidents: “в углу лежало ложь, завернутая в „правду“” (There was a lie lying in the corner wrapped in “Pravda”).

Few days ago BBC aired a TV story on Georgia-NATO relations. The TV story was translated and re-broadcast by Rustavi 2.

The TV stories of the kind is not a rare thing therefore I would not have paid much attention to it unless Georgian blogger girl’s post on her personal blog.

 On Tika’s blog ( I came across a letter comparing the TV story aired by Rustavi 2 with its original one on BBC.

Can’t say it surprised me, I felt ashamed.

I felt ashamed that for so many years we have not deserved a single normal piece of news and normal way of treatment.

I felt ashamed of being a journalist (by the way, for the last ten days I felt ashamed of it for the second time now).

I felt ashamed I was reading it all. I, who was very well aware that my colleagues were shamelessly lying, and I was rereading it while my acquaintance Ahmeda from Sartichala was sitting at home, having no idea about anything.

Let’s imagine just for a minute that there is no Tiko’s blog available on internet space or the readers, including me, could not find this blog, or we are living in the village, with no access to internet, nor computer and we learn news only from Rustavi 2 and Imedi.

Can you imagine how many hoax news we have swallowed?

Let’s get deeper now what the difference was between the original and re-errored TV story.

Even though the original story is in English there is no need for Gela Charkviani to comprehend it.

The main line that has been fully removed from the TV story sounds this way: “Nato wary of taking on a new member that might drag it into a future conflict with Russia.”

All right, it’s comprehensible that it is not favorable to you and you are going to receive a reprimand from ”above,” but that is not you telling the story but BBC, so do air it, why cheating? 

BBC story also included Bidzina Ivanishvili’s comment that has been fully removed (no wonder).

And the funniest out of the Rustavi 2 TV report: “Few hours prior to Rasmussen’s visit BBC journalists were reporting that petty corruption wiped out and crime rates slashed thanks to Mikhel Saakashvili’s West-leaning government.

The thing is that nothing of the kind has been reported in the original story!

I learned about it all thanks to Tika’s blog. Many thanks to her!

As regards Rustavi2’s action – I recollected on case: In the world football championship 2010 North Korea lost 2-1 vs. Brazil. 

The North Korean state-owned TV showed its audience the goal scored by the Korean player and festively informed its viewers of defeating formidable Brazil by their powerful team.

Are we much lagging behind? How do you think?

See you!







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