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27.11.2011 12:37

You’ll Never Erase it from our Head!

David Mchedlidze
Media Discusions

Take them away!
Take everything away!
Don’t leave even a single booth!
Finally silence and shut up the already dieing printed media! 

For once and for all flush down the editions working for pennies, leave disobedient journalists without jobs, make everyone who has somehow managed to sustain dignity and has not given up to starve and live in poverty!

What where they thinking? 

Put on an auction and then buy yourselves the locations were old booths used to stand!  Put at those locations the new, modern, beautiful booths and sell only those magazines and newspapers that are favorable to you! 

It is easy to make TVs obedient – give them high salaries, give strong guarantees – and it is even worth it as people always watch TV! 

For printed press its not even worth to spend any money!  Who are they?  How can they harm anyone?  Who would ever read their trash?  Hiring them and giving them money is pointless; its better to strangle them, shut them up – it will be much cheaper! 

What?  You said they will sell in the regions?  When you block these booths they will face such losses that they will not be able to print at all! 

Don’t start now with “freedom of speech and media”!  Who cares about democracy when there is a country to be saved?  When the homeland needs it, everything else does not matter!  We don’t need Georgian media to print the ideas of bloody occupants! 

What do the occupants have to do with this?  Everything that is not favorable for us is their fault!  Of course, any critical opinion expressed against our government must be considered as another provocation by occupants and must be immediately suppressed by any possible methods!  That includes blocking of booths too! 

Electronic media must be taken care of too by the way!  It is not that easy to silence those bloggers and others like them!  It’s impossible to take away booths from them.  Well, we can block their Internet, but they will change to free Wi-Fi!  We hack their websites – they will change to another!  A system that will stop them must be invented ASAP! 

And these elections are also closing!  What do we need unbiased environment and free media for during the pre-election period?  Different opinion always creates problems and this time it will not be any different! 

We must immediately take away booths, close, or send Special Forces to supermarkets which sell press, send keyloggers and viruses to bloggers; TVs are ours anyway, so together, by mutual efforts lets buildGeorgiaof the future!  







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