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27.03.2012 18:52

Investigative Journalism = Revolution

Maia Tsiklauri
Media Discusions
დისკუსია საგამოძიებო ჟურნალისტიკის შესახებ  (photo: )

TV journalism no longer exists since the televisions dependant on the ratings of their programs provide coverage of the topics that enjoy public interest. And the TV set has been transformed from an information provider into an entertainment box, the Business Kurieri presenter Akaki Gogichaishvili, former author of the journalism investigative program 60 Minutes concludes. He was taking part in the Mach 23 discussion held at Multimedia Center. In the course of the meeting journalists discussed why the society lacks interest into investigative journalism.

What obstacles investigative journalism faces in Georgia? Is the quality relevant? Is there any public interest to it? Why should this journalism product exist? – Journalist Lasha Kveselidze tried to answer given questions in a documentary entitled Journalism Investigation in Georgia. The discussion was based on this very documentary in which Akaki Gogichaishvili points out that no journalism investigation exists in Georgia today and neither the society shows interest to it.

Speaking in the documentary Zviad Koridze, Chair of the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics points out that media assumes the function of informing, educating and entertaining. Since entertainment function is crucial it means media fails to function. The component of informing is top important, says Koridze.

In the course of the discussion the lack of professionalism and TV managements interest as well as the absence of media space to disseminate materials for independent investigative studios have been named among the reasons why public is not watching journalism investigations.

Speaking at the meeting Akaki Gogichaishvili pointed out that the society lacks interest not only towards journalism investigation but the information provided about the problems in general: “For instance if you make a program about Botox and let it be on air ten times the program will be still enjoying public interest,” says Akaki Gogichaishvili. Stories about killings and rapes are being included in news program at a regular basis since they have high rating.”

“If I had an opportunity to produce 60 Minutes I would not be doing it since that would turn the whole situation upside down,” said Gogichaishvili at the end of the discussion.







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