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01.05.2012 11:20

One Day at TV Newscasts

ნატა ძველიშვილი
Media Discusions

9 p.m. is the time for main newscasts in Georgia.

Rustavi 2, Maestro TV and the recently launched 9th Channel main newscasts are aired right at 9 p.m. monitoring how those channels reported on different topics on 30 April.

9th Channel newscast Akhali Tskhraze (News on Nine) was first aired on 30 April. First news of the newscast was about the launch of broadcasting by the channel; after came the report on the Georgian who has died in Canada. Up to 3 minutes have been dedicated to the wish of local population to recover the Ergneti marketplace in 2-3 kilometers from Tskhinvali.

Malkhaz Chkadua’s report – ‘Lazika – the Berlin Wall’ – was also in the first block of news. In the report the Minister of Economics and Sustainable Development Vera Kobalia compared the to-be-built City of Lazika with the Berlin Wall; the report also included critical comments by opposition politicians and answer by representative of Parliamentary majority Pavle Kublashvili.

Two reports were dedicated to the opposition political coalition Georgian Dream. First report was on the action planned by the Coalition for 26 May. The Georgian Dream plans a meeting at the National Stadium. In the second report Public Session leader Nino Burjanadze criticizes the given plan.
Duration of reports was approximately 2 minutes.

Top news of Rustavi 2 newscast Courier was the boycott of the European Football Championship final round to be held in Ukraine and Poland. The boycott was reasoned by political persecution of Ukraine’s former Prime Minister Yuliya Timoshenko. The Courier dedicated 5 minutes to the given topic.
Rustavi 2 dedicated 8-minute report to the visit of Lithuanian Prime Minister to Georgia. The report covered his visit to Kvareli, President Mikheil Saakashvili’s country house. The duration of Saakashvili’s speech was 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

President appeared in Courier’s next report also, dedicated to rehabilitation of Rustavi City. His speech on the reconstruction of the city continued for 3:30 minutes. In the first block of news was also the President’s initiative on students’ cards. The topic was covered in a positive tone. In the first block also was the report on Rustavi 2 Nichieri Show (Georgia’s Got Talent).

Unlike the 9th Channel and Rustavi 2 Maestro covered Okropiridze Case as the top news. Relatives could not find the whereabouts of suspect Okropiridze all day. They allege that Okropiridze is being tortured in one of penitentiary institutions. In the first block of news was also covered the topics of the handover of real estate by government to relatives of owners of TV 25 (Batumi), large fine included in employment contract of Imedi TV employees and action planned by the Georgian Dream. Courier did not cover the given topics.

Maestro also covered President’s visit to Kutaisi in a neutral tone. Duration of the report was 2 minutes. Unlike Maestro, Rustavi 2 dedicated 15 minutes to Saakashvili’s visit to Imereti. His speech was on air for 12 minutes. Next report was also dedicated to modernization of Kutaisi. President appeared in Courier reports three times and spoke for 18 minutes. None of opposition politicians have appeared in Courier newscast at all.

The 9th Channel did not cover Mikheil Saakashvili’s visit at all. In the second block of the 9th Channel newscast a lot of time was dedicated to military topics. Giorgi Tskhvitava’s report claimed reason of problems in defense sphere the leaving of staff and endless reforms. In the same block was the report on landslide in Surami. Accent was made on local problems.

Maestro TV also aired reports different from Rustavi 2 and the 9th Channel. Reports covered kidnapped shepherds, fines set forth for damaging lighting poles and unregistered enterprises.

The only topic that Maestro, Rustavi 2 and the 9th Channel covered all was the gold medal won by Georgian judoists at European Championship.







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