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28.06.2012 07:24

Rezonansi and 9th Channel Journalist Claims being Threatened

Maia Tsiklauri
Media about media

27 June Rezonansi newspaper published an editorial article which says that newspaper journalist Mari Otarashvili is being threatened by the Director of the House of Culture of Tserovani IDP settlement GIorgi Ekaladze. 

Rezonansi also wrote the words that Ekaladze used for threatening the journalist:  “You know what I will do to you; I’ll tear you apart”; “You and I will meet again for sure and it will be really bad for you.  I’ll make you and your producers to pay for what you are doing”; “I will not let you go with this; will follow you in your grave.”  Rezonansi writes it is ready to hand the aforementioned audio to investigative bodies. 

Rezonansi reports that the reason for threatening was the TV-report that Mari Otarashvili prepared for the 9th Channel and which was aired 23 June. 

The report was on detainment of Georgians by Ossetian side in Akhalgori who are accused by the de facto government in committing different crimes during the ethnic conflict of the 1990’s.  According to the newspaper respondent told the journalist that one of such persons was Tserovani House of Culture Director GiorgiEkaladze.  Rezonansi stresses that Ikaladze’s commentary was included in the report. 

Rezonansi claims that this was the third case of Mari Otarashvili’s threatening. 

Rezonansi calls on law enforcers and international organizations to show interest to the given issue.  







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