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26.09.2012 08:22

Giorgi Abdaladze Says he was Forced to Write Plea of Guilty

Maia Tsiklauri
Media about media

Photo-reporter Giorgi Abdaladze told Kviris Kronika newspaper how they made him to write the plea of guilty and in what inhuman conditions inmates was in prison.  According to him he is innocent. 

As a reminder, Abdaladze and three other photo-reporters – Zurab Kurtsikidze, Irakli and Natia Gedenidzes were charged with espionage in 2011.  They have been released under bail. 

In the interview with Kviris Kronika Abdaladze recalled the night when he gave the confession:  “”They took me to administrative building.  Constitutional Security Department officer Dato Devnozashvili set with me and said everything depended on what I would say.  That is Dato Devnozashvili who blackmailed Batumelebi newspaper journalist and forced him to cooperate with intelligence services.  Anyway, he wrote number 11 on a paper; this is your sentence he said; now the number will decrease along with you telling us stories.  I asked what he wanted me to tell.  He told me to start with the fact when I was captured in Tskhinvali.  I started talking and told him everything as it happened.  No, he said, this is not good for us and told me to start over.  I started over and added that I have been recruited by Russians and I have agreed to cooperate with them.  That’s good; he said and wrote minus 2 beside the figure 11.” 

Abdaladze clarifies that with the given method they forced him to make up a story in favor of the government.  “They told me I had to say something about Igor Giorgadze as has mentioned at some meeting that Abdaladze was Giorgadze’s agent.  I asked what I had to say and they made to write that some individual (name of whom I did not know) at Rustaveli Subway Station who reminded me I was an agent and requested me to photograph actions in support to Igor Giorgadze.” 

Abdaladze also said in the interview how they made him to reject services of advocate Eka Beselia.  “They came at 1 a.m. and told me I would be released from prison the next day if I would reject advocate Eka Beselia.  They said it was not in their interest for her to see the materials of the case.  I wrote the request for Eka Beselia’s rejection.  They gave me advocate Mirdat Kamadadze’s phone number; told me to call him, talk with him as with my friend and to ask him to be my lawyer.  He knows everything, he is our man and will speak in Court, they said,” Abdaladze claims. 

Photo-reporter claims he was detained due to the photos taken during 26 May 2011 protest rally dispersal.  “We were Saakashvili’s, Merabishli’s and Adeishvili’s prisoners.  As I learnt later they showed these photos at one of the meetings abroad to Giorgi Baramidze and asked – is this your democracy?  Baramidze showed the photos to Saakashvili who asked who made the photos and said was replied that one of the photographers Irakli Gedenidze was his staff member.  He immediately ordered to put us all in jail forever.  Shah Aivazov was released immediately, as he US Embassy interfered.  They were also planning to arrest Radio Tavisupleba photo-reporter Nodar Tskhvirashvili, but when they came to his house he was not at home and decided not to complicate the case further,” Abdaladze says and states that if after the given interview he will be detained again he wants Eka Beselia to be his advocate. 







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