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08.10.2012 10:01

“Rustavi 2 might also close down entertainment shows” – Ia Antadze

Maia Tsiklauri
Media about media

8 October Rezonansi wrote about closing down of entertainment shows on Imedi TV and alleged that the same may happen at Rustavi 2 Broadcasting Company.  Meanwhile, representatives of Rustavi 2 do not confirm the given fact in the interview with the newspaper. 

Imedi TV closed down the following shows:  Day Show, Night Show and Nanuka Zhorzholiani’s Show. 

Day Show presenter Dodo Khurtsilava (Dodoshka) told REzonansi that they did not explain to her the reason for closing down the show while they had 3-year contrac.  Khurtsilava believes that closing down of the shows will affect the rating of the TV-Company as “this is the channel that has made the “Simulated Kronika”.  Do you think anyone will ever watch their newscasts after that?!” 

Khurtsilava also stressed that “probably they will have financial crisis.  They have been revealed – if the State does not finance them, they will not be able to sustain the channel.” 

In the same article, Ia Antadze, media experts alleges that probably Rustavi 2 will also close down entertainment shows. 

“National Movement is the party that was controlling the three TV stations and it still has control over those channels as the party has moved to opposition.  Now they need an “open eye”, investigative journalism, discussions and strong newscasts which will keep an eye on the new government and will notice all the mistakes made.” 







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