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18.10.2012 11:45

Ekaterine Kotrikadze: GPB Owes Money to PIK

David Mchedlidze
Media about media

Reporting to the Georgian daily Rezonansi Ekaterine Kotrikadze, Head of the news service of the Perviy Informatsionniy Kavkazsky (PIK) (First Caucasus News), Russian-language channel of the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) said the public broadcaster owes money to PIK, she is though unable to substantiate the allegation with papers.

“In case this debt is paid off we are not going to face any problems until the end of the year,” says Kotrikadze. The channel’s managing company TV company PIK LLC is fully complies with the tender requirements and demands the same from the public broadcaster.

“A question arises over financial problems the channel faces while the channel is fully meeting its obligation,” says Ekaterine Kotrikadze.

The GPB Director General Gia Chantutria alleges they have no direct liability to the channel. PIK’s journalists are GPB employees, just working on their orders. GPB has got no financial liabilities to pay.

“The last request was made on October 8, and according the contract we were to transfer a certain amount within 10 days. Their request was met in six days,” said Gia Chanturia.







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