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22.12.2012 18:00

Priorities of Candidates to the Post of Director General of GPB

Maia Tsiklauri
Media Discusions

Interviews with shortlisted candidates to the post of Director General of the Georgian Public Broadcaster started 21 December.  Board of Trustees interviewed Megi Tavdumadze at 6 p.m. and acting Director General of the GPB Giorgi Baratashvili on 7 p.m. 

Interviews will continue 22 December.  At 12 p.m. the Board will listen to Tinatin Rukhadze; at 1 p.m. – Natia Abramia; at 2 p.m. – Nikoloz Makharashvili.  According to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Levan Gakheladze, interview is not a session of the Board, so is not allowed to attend the process. 

According to competition rules candidates did not have to present concepts, so spoke with each of them and tried to receive information about their plans on working for the Public Broadcaster.  We were not able to reach only Giorgi Baratashvili, as he was too busy. 

Megi Tavdumadze has experience in international development and IT management.  Her last job with the UNDP in New York and she returned to Georgia several months ago, as she intends to use her experience for the good of her country. 

Her motivation for the competition for Director General’s position at the GPB is “development of democracy.” 

“Democracy must be developed by social development; and for social development the number one weapon is information,” Tavdumadze says. 

She does not yet have a specific program for GPB development and says that it is impossible to speak about a program until an in-depth public research is conducted.  Megi Tavdumadze believes that representatives of all social groups, minorities must take part in the research and all the opinions must be considered in the process of the channel development. 

“Minorities must have at least one program important to them.  Newscasts must also be based on public interests.  Ratings are not obligatory figure for this of that program,” Tavdumadze claims. 

According to her, she has good contacts in leading international organization those contacts will help her to develop and implement good programs, adequate to the public broadcaster needs. 

Tinatin Rukhadze is a professional piano-player although has worked on management levels in different organizations.  During last few years she has worked at Manager for Event Masters Company and HR Manager and PR Service Head for Dexus Development Company. 

She believes her advantage is experience in media sphere and crisis management.  According to her, society has a request that the current GPB is not able to satisfy. 

“I wish to create such Public Broadcaster as our country deserves – balanced, professional and serving public interests,” Rukhadze says.  She believes that thanks to her managerial skills she will create such conditions at the broadcaster that will attract resources – journalists, producers and directors who will be able to create the content which will the Public Broadcaster will provide programs to viewers one step ahead.  She believes for the moment the GPB is not innovative. 

Natia Abramia is a professional journalist and believes that her advantage is the experience in working for the in one of the world’s best public broadcasters, the fastest, competitive and high standard television – BBC.  Before the BBC, Abramia worked for Georgian media organizations. 

“I went through different levels at the BBC during 6 years and saw from different angles how editorial independence must be achieved and how each person can be a guarantee of reliability of information,” Abramia says.  According to her, she has experience in correct distribution of funds, human and technical resources and in making complete, high-rating programs. 

According to Abramia, she has good understanding of what public broadcaster means and how it should fulfill public interests. 

“I have studies the program priorities set for 2013 and the tasks that the Board has set for Director and regulations of Board relations.  I believe with existing resources it is possible to make better product and to have what has already been paid for,” Abramia claims.  She believes that current most serious problem of the BPG is absence of editorial independence.  “GPB journalists have gone through multiple trainings and I think in case of absence of editorial pressure they would be able to create better content,” she says. 

Nikoloz Makharashvili is a PR Manager.  He has experience in working at management level for organizations in different countries.  He has worked as one of the managers of Borjomi Mineral Waters, as quality manager of Training Department of an American oil company.   In 1997-1998 he was a consultant to the Second Channel fo Georgian State Television.  He has no experience in media organization management. 

Participation in the competition for Makharashvili is a professional challenge. 

“The channel must be completely reequipped technically; funds will primarily be spent for introducing high technologies.  As for the content – there are some things that we like in the structure and some things that we do not like.  We must manage to take the channel to international standards’ level.  The Broadcaster must be depoliticized, public-oriented. Everyone must feel that it is their channel,” Makharashvili says.  







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