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15.01.2013 14:21

The leader in 2013 will be political advertising – says the Newspaper Resonance

Maia Tsiklauri
Media about media

In 2013 as similar to last year, the leader will be political advertising – says the Newspaper Resonance columnist in the article "There is a calmness and complete stagnation in the advertising market”

The article notes that in 2012 the only change in TV advertising market was the equal availability of advertising space for TV space and that, according to the author, emerged after the parliamentary elections.

The article states that "It is clear for everyone that in 2013 the leading in the advertising space will be the political ad. The value of this field is expected to increase and the television advertising trends may get increased too".

The author of the article notes that the last two months of the past year were passive for the advertising business and nothing has changed at this stage too.

"The market is still in the transition period and the need for an ad will appear later, especially as the ruling team has started to carry out its own policies. Although the market is yet free from political advertising, but it will not last for long, says the advertising company Tempera manager.







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