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26.01.2013 10:25

Council for Switchover to Digital Broadcasting works at Technical Concept

Nata Dzvelishvili
Digital Broadcasting

Technical Concept Working Group formed in the Council for Switchover to Digital Broadcasting held first meeting 24 January. 

The working group consists of 28 members.  They divided into subgroups and discussed working issues.  Frequency planning group will analyze frequency diapasons and will work at planning radio-frequency spectrum. 

Subgroup for digital signal technical characteristics and broadcasting network standards will work on standards of digital broadcasting technologies’ characteristics and digital broadcasting. 

Digital broadcasting network planning subgroup will develop broadcasting network type and main elements and options for Georgian digital broadcasting network planning. 

Working group members must during one week manage to process all the above mentioned issues and documents and submit them to the Council of Switchover to Digital Broadcasting.  Two more working groups have been created in the Council – groups for legal issues and economic, financial and social topics.  After the working group for technical concept issues will develop a document the other two groups will also join in the working process. 

The Council was created 5 December 2012.  The Council consists of media, NGO and State bodies’ representatives. 

Georgia broadcasts with analogue signal currently.  Switchover to digital broadcasting is an international obligation.  International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has set 17 June 2015 as final deadline for switchover to digital broadcasting for European countries.  In 2006 Georgia took the same obligation and signed Geneva Agreement.  Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development has been ordered to manage the given process.  Majority of European countries has already changed to digital broadcasting and Georgia is discussing the process now.  EBRD experts assisted the Ministry in developing the strategy.  Final policy has not been developed yet.  Final document must be made by the Council of Switchover to Digital Broadcasting. 

Here you can view the list of Technical Concept Working Group of the Council for Switchover to Digital Broadcasting.  







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