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28.01.2013 12:55

11 Journalists Detained in Iran for Cooperation with Anti-Revolutionary Media

Tamar Paradashvili
Media about media

Iran’s security forces have broken into 5 Iranian newspapers where they arrested 11 journalists being accused of “cooperation with anti-revolutionary media - Associated Press reports.

According to the editors of the journalists detained, that have opted for staying anonymous, the journalists were detained on January 27, on the ground of their “foreign contacts”, notably for cooperation with BBC and Iranian service of the Voice of America radio.

There are seven men and four women among the detained journalists. They represent different information organizations, including daily and weekly newspapers.

As reported by the Associated Press, some of the journalists had already served prison sentences  for their critical articles, that were either published abroad with the help of Iranian dissident media or supported feministic organizations.

Detainment of journalists is the continuation of zero tolerance policy on the part of Iranian government in regard those journalists, that cooperate with the dissident media or are considered as “non-amicable” or “hostile.”

In the recent years, Iran has labeled Voice of America as American spy, it as well related BBC to the Secret Service of Great Britain, and threatened Iranian journalist with detention in case of the cooperation with those media means.

According to the Associated Press, Iranians, in spite of the government’s attempt to muffle the radio frequencies, still manage to regularly listen to BBC and Iranian service of the Voice of America.







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