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04.02.2013 14:15

Mzera TV Closes Down, the Liberali reports

David Mchedlidze
Media about media

“Is the Mzera TV project going to be closed down?” – the Georgian magazine Liberali questions in the title of the article published, thereby answering that reportedly the project has been closed down, anyone taking part in the project have been dismissed after being paid compensation. Reporting to the Liberali the TV company representatives though did not confirm the aforementioned.

According to Eldar Mdinaradze, co-founder of the TV company Mze and its former Director General questions over the closure of TV company Mze have been coming about yet two weeks ago, he is unaware over the issue though.

“I am unaware where the information comes from, some repair works are being on at Mzera TV block. It’s a huge project and cannot be closed down so soon. Thus far we haven’t even been on air, what closure are you talking about? The building, preparation works and similar issues were being considered, and all the aforementioned requires immense funds and as far as I am concerned the process has been put off to autumn, I know nothing else,” says Eldar Mdinaradze reporting to the Liberali.

Sopho Mosidze, expected to take up the position of the head of news service, provided no comments.  

TV company Mzera TV was going to launch broadcasting in spring 2013. Georgian businessman Vano Chkhartishvili is the founder of the company.







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