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05.02.2013 17:57

Imedi Not for Sale – Lika Patarkatsishvili

Maia Tsiklauri
Media about media

Imedi Not for Sale is the title of the interview published in the Georgian daily Rezonansi of February 4. The Georgian daily obtained interview from Imedi TV Director Lika Patarkatsishvili (official name Liana Zhmotova), the daughter of late business tycoon Badri Patarkatsishvili.

Reporting to the Rezonansi Lika Patarkatsishvili pointed out that according to the rumors spread TV company Imedi is for sale, which is untrue.

“I find it hard to imagine the ground for the rumors of the kind. Our family is not going to sell the TV channel, just the opposite we are trying our best to give the channel previous fame back and keep pace with time, to conduct up-to-date and fair TV broadcasting,” Lika Patarkatsishvili stressed.

Essential reformation process is complete, she said, Imedi TV though is yet far away from the ideal the viewers are expecting. Their slogan, according to Lika Patarkatsishvili, sounds

Hurry Up Slowly. For that simple reason numerous ideas or projects are not yet available on the channel, Imedi owners and management aim to centre on the quality.

Accordingt o the reports of February 5 within a month Gia Khukhashvili, Chairman of the Board of the Georgian Development Research Institute, Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili’s affiliate and influential expert of the government will make author program on Imedi TV.

Until the end of February the TV company is going to resume program Ghia Eteri (Open Air) to be hosted by Vakho Sanaia. Moreover, the channel is also planning to conduct debates and produce programs of entertainment and educational type.

“At the moment we have invited a highly professional TV manager from the United States. The invited specialist, that used to manage many TV channels in different countries worldwide, will help the channel work similar to that in Western countries, let a clock-like complex mechanism work,” said Patarkatsishvili, she though refrained from identifying the specialist.

The Board of Ethics is responsible for securing editorial independence and impartiality of the channel. In December 2012 Media.Ge reported that the Board was to start operation from January.  







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