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Tamar Karelidze

‘Anatomy’ Build

28.03.2013 23:01

“Anatomy” is aired on TV 9 once per week. Natia Mikiashvili is the hostess of the TV program. According to the website of the TV company the program is of investigative-analytical nature, which at times tells viewers about the activities of a government member or a representative of the institution of State importance, Anatomy itself though implies an anatomical study into an event or a fact.” The program though lacks anatomic study of facts, therefore it is rather often the object of viewers’ criticism.  

The TV piece on August war stirred up considerable public excitement. The reaction then was unambiguously negative. At the very beginning of the program the hostess offers viewers a choice – to decide who started war. At the same time she talks about armed provocation by the Georgian side, citing Hitler’s quotes, Georgian reservists stride is accompanied with a German march.

In this program generally music and special effects play a crucial role. For instance the piece that features Georgian party and President Saakashvili is shaded red (I, as a viewer, had an feeling of blood). In addition to the colors Anatomy is accompanied with music in an associative fashion. For example in the program about businessmen which tells about Iva Chighvinadze who, after being funded by the Gachechiladze brothers, encountered problems with the authorities, the shots from Utsnobi’s (Georgian singer) Political Mother tongue. The authors made a parallel between the substance of the music video and Saakasvhili’s meeting with his team. In the recent programwhich tells about United National Movement’s satellite NGOs Giga Nasaridze’s comment was repeatedly interrupted by a kids’ song This Poor Hare sung by him years ago in the comedy program N-Show (in this case I presume the authors wanted to demonstrate how miserable Nasaridze is).

“Along with the music the presenter’s and journalists’ texts often go beyond competence and includes evaluation. In the programdedicated to Ugulava Mikiashvili says: “Ugualava followed UNM’s example of dumping…Gigi Ugualava or improved Misha and the like. In the recent program the journalist’s text reads as follows “Until 2003 UNM’s greater majority was represented by a non-governmental sector. Disrespect to their intellectual resource is a crime, and failure to see multi-billion material resource after their being in power is nothing else but illiteracy.”

To tell the truth I cannot understand whether we are to examine these components within analytical-investigative format aspect or anatomical study of facts?!

Getting back to the recent program, based on public data, the author is giving a list of people that are employed in the recently opened NGOs and are well-paid. The only person shown in the TV story is Giogi Khuroshvili of NGO sector while Chiora Taktakishvili is conducting press conferences almost every other day, and she is quite easy to meet with at the Parliament. Khatia Dekanoidze would be very easily found at the rallies to support Agrarian University. Oto Kakhidze and others too meet media rather often, therefore it’s a little bit hard to suss out why Anatomy found it hard to get a grip on those people?!

It is to be taken into account that ahead of the elections and in the aftermath of elections UNM has been the main target of the authors of the program while the members of recently elected government during their five-month office, could have committed something of interest to the analytical-investigative program.

Notwithstanding verbal definition of the format, let alone hate speech or bias, the program fails to meet minimal standard of either journalism investigation or analytical format. The only thing the program is capable for is emotional influence since, as I have mentioned above, special effects and music background helps create a kind of mood among the viewers and distracts them from getting the substance.

After reading this post the authors of the program are quite possible to get in touch with Media.Ge. They might reprimand me for factual inaccuracies and demand their correction. They will quite likely stress that Anatomy is the Georgian version of some Western project, it’s a fact though that this is the program I would definitely show my students, if I were a journalism lecturer, so that they could see the way the program should NOT be done.







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