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David Mchedlidze

Journalists That are Lavish with Praise

04.07.2013 10:47

I guess that eulogizing journalism will always be in Georgia. A government do not have appeal without it, right? Zviad Gamsakhurdia had the whole army of devoted journalists, so had Eduard Shevarnadze, though a bit more calculated ones, not to mention the ones that belong to the period of the United National Movement….

Giving praises can bring a journalist some power, sometimes considerable power. A journalist is especially bold and feels strong when being an admirer and ideological ally of a certain political leader. Such journalist can feel as courageous as to answer the questions put by his colleague at a press-conference of the Prime Minister instead of the Prime-Minister, or express his indignation over a “provocative” question and demand the author of that question shut up.   And this was exactly what had happened at the Prime-Minister’s press-conference held on July 3 at the Sheraton Metechki Palace Hotel. Some journalists became enraged because the PM was asked about the notorious events of May 17.

Those journalists that only a year ago were asking their colleagues to protect them from the government, now themselves protect the government from their colleagues. So what’s the point in our attending the press-conferences where chances are high that we might be gagged? What the difference between being made shut your mouth by a government or its fans?!







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