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Tamar Karelidze

Copy-Paste and ratings increased at expense of others

18.07.2013 10:23

When you sell product in Internet-space everything is “justified.”  This is including covering unserious and “yellow” topics, recording and sharing jokes by politicians before cameras are on, interesting interviews with common pedestrians, voiceovers with rally participants, funny situations in streets or quotes that become hits later… Unfortunately such types of materials have more views in Internet than serious researches or analysis. 

The fact that there is no phenomenon of copyright in this country is not news for sure.  We have seen “virus” videos many times that have been uploaded by several users from their names.  The phenomenon of “taking” videos from other websites to its website was for the first time created in our country by palitratv. 

The portal that has been functioning for 2-3 years is always in the top 5 in ratings.  The given popular website, which is part of quite successful media-holding, creates its ratings by uploading/sharing videos from Youtube, Myvideo and different foreign sites.  They also successfully download news materials and upload to their website from other media outlets.  Although they always write the source and link in the corner, but you would probably agree that when you see a video made by you uploaded by someone else is not very good. 

Palitratv has successfully downloaded many videos from (and many other sites).  Videos made both by Tbilisi studio and in regions.  These videos are not very important but they attract viewers to their website.  There is source indication in the lower corner of videos.  But we still act smart and put enormous logo on videos (Kvesitadze’s program cut-editor did not like it once, cut it out and put such a scene in the promo that it was quite shameful to see.) 

In addition we do not use Youtube or vimeo platforms.  This is not because we do not how to use them, it is because we upload everything to our server which is not youtube and not myvideo; you cannot just take it and increase your ratings at our expense.  We believe this is the matter of elementary ethics and collegiality, which are being ignored. 

Probably palitratv website managers will after reading my post say that they always indicate the source but for me, my website and staff such a “consolation” is not good enough.  It is always easy to gain merit by job done by others because the only thing you have to do is copy-paste and then share on Facebook. does not do it not because we cannot but because we prefer to do something valuable and not to repeat what someone else did. 

I did not say the most interesting yet:  Palitratv About Us page says that usage of their one publication without indicating a source costs USD 100.  It is interesting which materials they mean as half of their content is taken either from Youtube or and other foreign websites. 

Many other websites striving for ratings use the rules set by Palitratv.  One of them is  While the first one of them at least links our site to the used material the second one just writes our web address somewhere at the end. 

I understand that from marketing point of view the main are ratings and number of viewers, but Georgian media-portals are almost maniacs of cutting-copy-pasting from each other and it is becoming ridiculous for users.  Although everyone decides themselves what image to have but it is really not comfortable when work for somebody else’s rating by making videos for your own website.  







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