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Tamar Karelidze

Mr Bidzina, Which Year Shall We Pose a Question?

02.10.2013 14:29

When a child commits a kind of crime at school family trials are often held. Together with the defendant the family trials are attended by all family members. The offender happens to stand criticism, reprimands, at the same time has a possibility to justify, but his arguments are often ignored. Just because s/he is guilty.

Bidzina Ivanishvili’s press conferences (with heads of central media, journalists, radio, press, regional media and now experts) are often similar to family trials but today’s meeting exceeded every expectation.

-         Not only you but I also have a right to pose a question,

-         None of you apprehended what I meant when making a statement on my resignation,

-         In a year we have made miracles and you still keep criticizing me,

-         You are dilettantes, lacking awareness,

-         When criticizing ministers they are very sensitive, and some of them might not stand the pressure from you. Ministers need to be cheered up by you,

-         The situation described by you is not that much different from the previous authorities and is about to bring a new revolution about, - journalism is not just criticizing,

-         You have to express your viewpoints, when asking me about Dvani, you go there yourself and ask the ones having started these processes to account for their deeds. We are not to be held responsible for the misdeeds of the previous government. Think about your statements,

-         Pose questions about the issues you are aware of, unless otherwise keep quiet,

-         Being a journalist also means to know which year to pose a question,

-         I am not going to teach you anything, you are absolutely independent, stop scaring people from TV with your statements and stories,

-         The Tabula always enjoys a possibility to ask me a question,

Watching today’s press conference I felt like I was at school, and the teacher raging over the results of the test was sharply reprimanding pupils, thereby citing their works for better argumentation. Being spoken back he angered as much as any person, annoyed with his/her personal issues, revenges on the weak.

Prime Minister is asking for reasoning and profound knowledge while being very much superficial himself. At today’s press conference his awareness about the topic of criticism failed to go beyond the citations specially selected for the day by the press service representatives (and that was very much evident when reprimanding Vakho Sanaia, when even attempting to make an apology).  

PM is also telling us we are so much independent as never but at the same time he keeps on exerting indirect pressure (I am far from the idea he is intentionally doing that). You can shoot any question you wish, he says, but at the same time instructs to pose questions over the issues we are aware of and keep quiet unless otherwise. He is promising to answer everything while he angers at some crucial questions and instead of answering he sounds very capricious. To the most crucial and important issue today he responds that visiting Dvani and Ditsi would not be bad but people in trouble are in every corner across Georgia and he can’t visit every family, in that case I am to abandon the government, he said, when asking for that you have no idea how much work I have to do, you underappreciate the work we are doing, my arrival in Dvani would not bring any essential changes about, I can’t be everywhere, he said and he apologized to those people.

Moreover, the Prime Minister complained about political ads with presidential candidates from various parties referring to the Georgian Dream’s unfulfilled promises – why placing them on TV air without verification…

Ivanishvili’s press conferences are the similar kind of show as Saakashvili’s monologues. People have fun with both but the latter’s way of communication with journalists is offensive. Yes, we journalists do make mistakes, we circulate unverified data, do shoot inadequate questions but, I believe, certain norms of communication are to be similarly applied. Being a Premier with seven billions never means a pass to trample down your critics. 

Following press conferences are planned to be held with radio journalists, regions and press. Now everybody must be worrying how to select the most important question of the year, to avoid accidental rushing forward into the next year and elude Premier’s wrath.

So, to be continued ….







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