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“The bloody cop-field” and “the numbered madman” – attempt of Georgian press-review

29.10.2013 21:43

I rarely look at newspapers on press-stands when leaving home in the morning.  As everyone else, I also prefer to sit at the computer and open news agency websites, although when there’s such an important event in the country as presidential elections, then one is interested in all the media outlets equally. 

Monday is the day when majority of magazines and newspapers come out.  When publication of newspapers coincides with presidential elections it becomes even twice as interesting. 

Today, when I left home I could not ignore the press-stand as I immediately saw Asaval Dasavali newspaper front page.  “He is out of here! We got rid of him! He’s away to darkness!” – the given title scared me a bit; after overcoming the first shock I got concerned about the author’s emotional condition.  I must say that despite the fact that Asaval Dasavali is the Prime Minister’s favorite newspaper, it is quite far from journalism. 

“Presidential elections have been held, Saakashvili is out of here, we got rid of him, he’s away to darkness.  Saakashvili’s leaving cannot be called leaving; he has gone away to darkness!” – This is how the article starts and it is written quite emotionally.  The author also expresses gratitude to exit-polls which gave 66,7% to Giorgi Margvelashvili and did not allow Rustavi 2 to give the Satanist three sixes to the man getting ready to take office of President. 

I was a little surprised that the article did not mention Margvelashvili’s girlfriend, the given status of who resulted in a “hurricane in a glass”, although, we must presume that the author did not think about this important issue because of the emotions and it can by all means be forgiven. 

Kviris Kronika also did not fall behind Asaval Dasavali in using hate speech and creative quotes.  Although they did not use the “He is out of here! We got rid of him! He’s away to darkness!” quotes but its first page still said – “The era of the numbered madman running over corpses has ended; farewell Misha!” 

“Inauguration of new President will be held and Misha will get out of the residence”; “Misha is like a madman already”; “Go and work at political trash-yard Misha”; “The era of the numbered madman running over corpses has ended; farewell Misha! The follower of hate speech has received a reply – Sikim Misha (Armenian) – this is how the author starts the article, like if he does not speak in hate speech all the time. 

Kviris Palitra also followed the path of Asaval Dasavali and Kronika.  “Is this the end of 9-year bloody crop-field?!”  Although the title of the article did not come from the author and is completely based on interview content, but it is not a relief for readers who read the newspaper which has pretensions of being a classic publication. 

As for Resonansi front page, they write as if journalists regret the elections have been held so calmly; because there was only one round of elections and unprecedentedly calm elections.  If you did know the subject you would not be able to learn something about the new president from Prime Time either; they only show interest to who will be the new Prime Minister. 

Let everything aside and not to say anything about libels which are far from journalism, there’s so much hate speech in the articles that their authors would not work as journalists (although in this country Asaval Dasavali and Kronika sell the most.) 

When looking through these newspapers I suddenly imagined how Euronews would have reviewed Georgian press and I was glad the first time that we are not at that level yet. 

P.S. I wanted to make some other comments, but this is the case when facts speak more than comments, so I tried not to spoil the original. 







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