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David Mchedlidze

Why Mr. Tkemaladze?

15.11.2013 15:57

Since I’m in journalism I’ve had a great variety of respondents. I have made interviews with presidents, ministers, militaries, street cleaners or regular police officers. Many of them said clever things, and there have been plenty of stupidities as well. Respondents represent a kind of variable gallery for a journalist, which you keep in mind and think of everyday. Sometimes you can’t tell what will happen to a pre-selected topic on the next day. A multitude of things depend on the respondent you have chosen: his/her availability or unavailability, condition of mood, temper in general, and, most importantly, the degree of adequacy in answers.

I’m telling you that because yet another respondent- Acting Director General of the GPB Tamaz Tkemaladze has been recently added to my gallery, which I believe happened in the beginning of October, and for rather a short time.

Our readers are aware of the development taking place in the GPB: turmoil, confrontation, somebody’s dismissal or self-dismissal. So I gave a call to Mr. Tkemaladze, whom I haven’t met before, on one of those issues. The comment he had given me made me think that perhaps he’s not duly aware of the issue, or that he’s totally unaware of it. I tried at other time, but still with the same outcome. In other words, either he had failed or we both had. Others were doing good in the meantime, though, for instance the Netgazeti that did exceptionally well today. Mr. Tkemaladze told the following to it- I friendly wrote to a fried in Lanchkhuti, that I had an authoring program- “ Likhs Aket, Likhs Ikit”- help my people and I’ll prepare a story about Lanchkhuti. What can I do, he replied, we’re currently running a deficit. And it seems to me that Mr. Tkemaladze does sometimes very successfully override the Law on Broadcasting with his statements, not to mention this letter. In the end it’s all up to an individual what to say.

We, Georgian journalists have a manic attitude toward officials, I mean when they are our respondents. Being irresponsible we quite often dig in the personal life of functionaries and expose all the content. Those of us with more responsibility are satisfied with finding out to what party or class these people belong to, and what’s their circle of acquaintance. We’re interested how a certain person has managed to join the privileged ranks of officials. But, sometimes, we fail at all the three tasks and have so satisfy with only official biographies.

That very thing has happened to me in the case of Mr. Tkemaladze, but I’m very interested why he was appointed Acting Director General? Who entrusted that vast public machine to him?
Why Mr. Tkemaladze? Why that picturesque figure?







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