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Tariel Zivzivadze

5 Reasons to Make Advertisement in Regional Media

26.12.2013 17:21

About 8 years ago one of our employees was attending a seminar conducted by a serious organization. When he came back, he’s face was shining with such happiness, he was raving….. saying all the time- “I saw such an incredible thing, such an incredible thing”… I became interested as to what he saw…. “Man! They had such a great stand-up party, I’ve never seen anything like it….” Whaaaat? But it was indeed a topical subject, and the organization was really a serious one and the seminar promised to be truly interesting. Nonetheless, the event was carried out at such a low level that( as it frequently happens) the only see we recall it nowadays is by its stand-up party…..

You know what is déjà-vu, right? It just struck me on December 24, at an advertisement exhibition of regional media. The stand-up party was exceptional. Everything was unbelievably tasty, and all the three departments had SUPER good design(first-the exhibition room, second-seminar space, third- stand-up party space), but this time the point had been made as well. I won’t continue any further but directly share my impressions, especially for the attention of the marketing managers and directions of companies working on a national scale: regional media space is nearly totally undeveloped, while it can make a unique proposal!

To say the truth, I wasn’t really optimistic when going to the exhibition. I just wanted to know some news; having greater expectations to see friends and acquaintances. There I spoke to representatives of several media outlets, and met many persons I hadn’t seen for a long time. We talked quiet openly. Then I attended the seminars. The first one( on which I was a bit late) was dedicated to the presentation of a research…. Presenting so many digits that despite my being on friendly terms with maths, my head had soon started to ache.  I put a couple of questions and got the answers. First of all I was interested in successful examples, which, apparently, are currently in shortage.

Why should a company spend on advertisement in regional media?

On the whole I’ve reached the following conclusion:

1) Advertisement is cheap in regional media outlets( can’t be compared with the Tbilisi prices).  When I learned the prices and respective coverage I was amazed. Is it really that way? That’s only the first part of it; if you’re a long-term and major client, you’ll have a significant discount. Of course, cheapness is only one of the criteria, but it’s a fact that it is that way indeed!

2. Nearly all regional media outlets have its target audience. If it’s a radio, then it has its listeners; if it’s a newspaper- it has its readers, and if it’s a television, it has its viewers; working with them may provide access to certain customer groups. Those figures really exist, so that a sharp manager could streamline the organization really well and have a good coverage in addition!

3. National media space is saturated for the most part. Television, internet, radio, press, external advertisement…. What effect can have a 20 sec. ad wedged in 30 commercial reel? And does GRP results satisfy you? Then my answer will be the following: “ Put your blinders off!” advertisement made in regional media outlets can yield a unique approach to the target group, and if you engage an ad company for that matter, and do everything creatively and on a large scale…..well, to say it in short, there are the opportunities!

4. It’s really an issue to count rating in the regions! But if you work in marketing, then you must be prepared for risky experiments. You may frequently find yourself facing a situation when you just have “pull the trigger”, while you shouldn’t “forget”, that you must “estimate” the effect beforehand(by the way, I was suggested a quite convenient method of making such estimate when I was on the event)!

5. Obtain more information and work comprehensively through intermediary. I’ve seen it myself that many marketers are simply unaware of the potential the regions hold. Besides if you don’t have a sufficient number of employees to work with 30 regional media outlets, you can address your ad company, or IREX and one of the following organizations: 1) advertising agency- 2) ad agency- 3)  - Georgian Association of Regional Broadcasters 4) ad agency- . The research information and intermediary organizations exist…. The rest is up to you.

Here are some friendly recommendations to the organizers( Open Society Georgia Foundation and Caucasus University School of Media):

1. I think everyone but the business sector have attended the exhibition(that’s just my opinion, and the participants I’ve talked to had much greater expectation). has been a very good partner for you, but what’s necessary is a permanent campaign, not just a “single shot”. And none of the regional media outlets can do it independently. Your support is essential. Even conducting such “popular” trainings in media sales will not help to increase those sales, if it’s the only thing done;

2. There should be at least one brochure at the exhibition so that a guest like me can see who’s represented and from where;

3. It would’ve been better if the research had been presented in Georgian(on the slide), and what’s important, put in a clear language in the form of a report;

4. Cases regarding the spending and income should be presented as well. Businessmen being part of your audience have a very strict schedule( especially during the current period), and not all of them are familiar with the subject; in addition to carrying out such a research, you should have as well supplemented it with some successful cases;

5. I think it’s not a good idea to hold such exhibition in December, on the threshold of a new year. Though it’s true that media companies are working on contracts with media outlets at that time, but providing information in that feverish period is not a good move in terms of attracting attention. My viewpoint is that it would be much more appropriate to hold an exhibition in mid autumn;

6. When writing the given article I was thinking to specify the web link of the exhibition, but changed my mind…. Hey, such activity needs to have its own website, doesn’t it? It’s quite easy and inexpensive nowadays, isn’t it?

My 9 year old daughter accompanied me at the exhibition. On our way back I asked her what did she like there. She made up her list of preferences the following way: 1) “Wow, they were such cool things”(meaning the stand-up party; she’s still a child), 2) “ The spokespersons seemed to have been prepared, as they new their texts by heart and weren’t reading it from the screen”, 3) “ I liked the situation inside, the way everything was arranged”.

What else can I add, the event has been held!

But has it been managed to establish communication with the target group?

Tariel Zivzivadze, the author of the article and director of MARNET







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