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Natia Kuprashvili

Public Troubler

28.12.2013 11:36

At first I was startled, concerned and everything that is usually written in statements circulated by diplomatic corps. in such cases, happened to me.  After I gave it a thought and was surprised why I ever had different expectation: 

Majority of our MPs really do not know Iago Kachkachishvili with his public opinion research; they have not read Giorgi Lobzhanidze’s translations, his works; MPs do not know Ucha Seturi who has almost alone written something that could not be written for years by the Ministry of Economy and approved by Parliament (I mean the concept for switchover to digital broadcasting); majority MPs do not know David Mchedlidze and his; they do not know Jana Javakhishvili and Dart Center, despite the fact that causing trauma to the society remains as profession of authorities; they do know all the other, already former candidates for GPB Board of Trustees membership as there’s only one stage for getting yourself acquainted with MPs – political stage and these candidates have never been on this stage. 

There is no point to request from all the MPs something that is stronger than them; it is senseless to request from majority of them to read concepts from candidates as they do not even read the laws that they vote for (broadcasting law for instance).  It is not easy to put public interests in front of political objectives.  It is hard to allow independence of the Public Broadcaster as if it happens so controlling of other broadcasters will lose its sense. 

Now it is surprising to me what came as basis for the process that took place before the proposition of 27-candidate list to Parliament.  Everything can be blamed on several persons:  those who first free-of-charge wrote the new rules for the formation of the GPB Board and then fought to the end for their approval, without having any personal interest; it can be blamed on my colleagues from the selection commission – their hopes were “infectious”; their enthusiasm and joy when they saw new, healthy ideas for GPB development in candidates’ concepts and presentations.  It can be blamed on those who participated in the competition; on all those who were glad because of the transparency of the process, in their homes or social networks.  Number of those to be blamed is probably less than I imagined and hopes; so… the competition is dead; hail to the competition!  







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