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Salome Pkhaladze

Decadence of Georgian Media?!

14.01.2014 16:31

Well, yet another year has passed, and what to congratulate our media with… what positive things can I tell you in this respect….

George Orwell once said-“journalism is printing what someone else doesn’t want printed: everything else is public relations.”

How well do they cope with printing or public relations here, and with the task to keep pace with contemporary achievements or create new ones? -here is what we’re dealing with:

Infringement of the copyright by copy/pasting, propaganda, spun information, when the spread of undesired information is deliberately procrastinated and launched against the background of other developments to be overshadowed. Often times we encounter another variant of the spin, described by the principle of Goebbels-if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.”

“Replacement of intellectual life with a bunch futile fireworks and depravation of society’s mind.” Kitsch, kitsch all around, and whole bouquet of non-cognizant programs, and so called “exclusives”… Forgotten culture triggering liabilities. Imitation of the projects of the West…..

Of course it’s good to emulate successful projects, and even necessary at times, but they developing at blistering speed year after year, and their creators are toiling at them on daily basis in order to implement innovations, without fearing experimentation. Whereas here they only seem to adopt the initial version, which is then kept for generations, if we don’t take into consideration the tiny efforts towards improvement.

I’ve often heard from citizens of different age groups, that the media is of no value for them, as it doesn’t teach them anything, or offers anything beneficial. “I don’t watch it, “I don’t read it,” “I’m not listening to it”… The time has come to shatter that stereotypical approach, and for everyone to realize that if the media doesn’t give then anything, than it’s taking it away from them, due to fact of their being aloof. When the major  part of society makes a clear statement that it wants and deserves better, when it engages in the process, firmly determined to keep struggling, then the media will be compelled to correspond with higher standards and respond the demands of the people.

Despite that Niko Nikoladze’s journalistic text “Decadence of the French Press” was created in 1875, it still hasn’t lost its topicality today, and we can fully correlate it with the reality of the Georgian media today. The fact that the author was writing about the vice of the French media shouldn’t confuse the reader, as we, Georgians, are affected by this problem in the 21st century.

Niko Nikoladze marks out various categories of journalists:

Journalists that like foul language- “their method consists in using indecent words. They throw out daring phrases in a provocative and desperate manner, and convey shortened versions of gossips; in front of the people they pretend not only to be confident in themselves, but also in the truthfulness of their words. They deceive the country by uttering vane words on patriotism, and rely on the ignorance of some, as well as on bad memory, and especially on the simple-heartedness of masses.

Journalist-advertiser/journalists ushering new trends - “They only talk what they’re told to- to praise and bring fame…. That method is used not only for the purpose of faming “the business”, but also to fame prostitutes and their patrons.

Roaming journalists-“accustomed to attend to all the cases one after another, and to betrayal as well. In the end they become true skeptics and men of indifference, losing their illusions and faith. The way a miserable actor finds shelter joining a travelling troupe, the given type of journalists serve a newspaper of certain “purpose” in a similar manner, playing their role each night. But when the curtain falls, or the issue goes under printing press, then starts the jest of the editor.

Besides the aforementioned types, Niko Nikoladze as well singles out the category of talented, sincere and absolutely honest journalists ready to sacrifice their lives to the purpose they believe is true, and serve the truth. Unfortunately, they aren’t many journalists of that kind.

Well, yet another year has passed, and what to congratulate our media with… what positive things can I tell you in this respect….

Wish you the emergence of many honest journalists.







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