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Basic Types of Advertisement on Facebook

15.01.2014 23:56

Many Businesses regard advertising on Facebook as a profitable affair. However, the placement of advertisement on Facebook has its own principles. The company offers marketers various methods: Sponsored Stories, Page Post ads, Promoted Posts, and Marketplace Ads. These basic categories of advertisement differ from one another by price, method of creation, and application.

Sponsored Stories

That type of material depend on the activity of users. Ad agents simply pay certain sums for the posts uploaded on their pages, or the page itself to pop upon the so-called “news-feed” of the users. The posts are aimed at the attraction of greater number of users towards a certain aspect. For instance, if one of our friends likes a page, a column appear below the news-“like the page”, and if he/she starts using one of the applications, then Facebook suggests us to use that “app”. The main flaw of Sponsored Stories is that ad agents can’t control the visual side of the posts in the advertisement in which they’re investing. Sponsored Stories are often created by additional applications, though it can as well be created by the special column provided by Facebook. Therefore, it’s a simple but not really efficient kind of advertisement.

Page Post Ads

As compared with the previous category, the given type of ad isn’t dependant only upon the activity of users. It can appear both in the news feeds of the friends of page users and with those totally unrelated to the page. Page Post Ads are often used in ad campaigns. Today you can’t create that type of advertisement directly on Facebook, yet it’s not that difficult to make it through independent applications, such as Facebook ad tool, Power Editor, and API Page Post Ads, which will give you creative freedom. The ad itself provides you a good opportunity to plan and spread news, posters, links, etc.

Promoted Posts

The given kind of advertisement is almost similar to the previous one, but with the difference in several details. First of all, that kind of advertisement is the most simple. Promoted Posts are placed at the lower parts of posts on Facebook pages, and doesn’t require any kind of specific knowledge. The structure of the advertisement price is different as well; if other types of ads have defined prices, the price of given type is usually determined with every click. And finally, Promoted Posts can only circulate among the page users and their friend, similar to the case with Sponsored Stories.

Marketplace ads

Our last type of ad can be usually found in the special panel at the right side of Facebook. Marketplace ads can be both the advertisement of a Facebook page or that of an independent website or application. Marketplace consists of a title, photo, short description, and information regarding the number of application users or page likes. Marketplace ads is very convenient for advertising applications, though it’s more specific than Promoted Posts, most frequently used for advertising on Facebook.

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