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21.04.2010 17:54

On April 16 I was attending the conference on Internet television. A world famous blogger Vendi Cheng and Gillian Tan, Director, arrived from Singapore specially for the day. The event was hosted by Singular Group and a well-known Georgian blogger Mariam Talakhadze having discussed, together with Singaporese guests, video blogging and Internet television a well as its characteristics and prospective issues. The same conference is scheduled to be held on April 29. This time the event will be run by British pundits and Internews Georgia representatives. By the way, the event was held at the Hotel Old Tbilisi. Anyone willing to attend the April 29 conference please register here. As far as I am concerned the number of participants is limited but you can still try.

Gillian Tan mainly discussed the advancement of Internet television. The comparisons made by him between traditional TV and online broadcasting were, of course, in favor of the latter. No wonder, this lady is the founder of one the most popular entertainment online broadcastings such as visited by millions of users on a daily basis, and the number of customers for advertising is, of course, high.

Would you like to know what is being done on Nothing special. Five cameramen film funny videos, and after editing provide them to the users. Gillian Tan gave the clarification for the success of the web site and Internet broadcasting in general: it's easily accessible, diverse, possible to re-watch and choose a desirable program, less loaded with advertising, interactive and it's simple to find out the target audience. Its characterizing is going to drift us far away, so I am going to stop here. In addition Jillian said almost all the families in Singapore have got Internet television. TV and print media, she said, is under government control on our side, therefore people prefer watching online TV. We asked her about the online broadcasting in regard to news. According to Gillian Tan the broadcasting of a kind, as a rule, has got much less users and if you want to do business you should stay away from politics and news. Having heard it my initial desire "catch up and take over Singapore" vanished.

After Jillian Vendi Cheng made a speech mainly about himself, the way he achieved success and so forth. He is known in the virtual space as xixue, which means snow in Georgian. His blog is visited by hundreds of thousands of users, he is one of the successful bloggers worldwide. Xixue mainly showed us popular Youtube videos. No matter I had seen them before, it was still fun. His speech could have been far more interesting.

Mari Talakhadze, alias Sweety talked about video blogging. She made us aware of a tough situation in this regard. Conclusion: there is no blogging in Georgia yet.

We were about to leave the hall Imedi TV journalist entered requesting us to wait a bit longer and let the cameramen make few shots. We tried to be as cooperative as possible staring at the Imedi TV camera with serious busy looks.

We did eat, drink, make photos and split. I am going to say goodbye until the second day of the conference, April 29.







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