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Sometimes the Truth

09.07.2010 22:42

Agroup of tourists came to Georgia and went for a stroll round Tbilisi. While strolling in the Vere Park one of the tourists (a girl) saw an old man deep in thought, she got curious, approached him and asked him: "what are you thinking about grandpa? Why are you so sad?"

The old man answered: "I've been taught from childhood that when a child is born they say an angel comes down from the sky and kisses the newborn on certain places of the body. If the angel kisses the child on the forehead then he will become a scientist, if it kisses the baby's hands then it will become an artist or a sculptor, if the baby gets the kiss on its ears then it will become a musician, if the angel kisses the baby's feet then it will become a dancer and so on..."

"And?..." - the girl asked him.

"And I'm sitting here and thinking where did that blessed angel kiss the managers of that Moment of Truth TV show?!" - Answered the old man.

As one of the characters of a well-known Georgian movie would say: " My goodness! What was that, ha?!"

The Moment of Truth show is scandalous by its essence and it's no surprise that guests who appear in it openly talk about their secrets, pains and joys, but it's not even a pain anymore.

It's not even an ugly reality anymore, because we've all seen it many times before and we remember it very well and the reality doesn't need to be reminded and remembered.

Whoever hasn't guessed what I was talking about: last Tuesday TV station Imedi had Ms Naira Kalandia in the Moment of Truth show, who once again told the viewers how an Abkhaz or Cossack guerrilla made her swallow her murdered son's eye.

First of all we all know that story by heart and it's a wonder we're still not gone completely mad, because we've heard that terrible story for the thousandth time already.

Our children know that story from the very early years of their lives and we all remember well that Cossacks and Russians were especially cruel and that they hung Naira Kalandia naked on a chain and slowly burnt her on fire and that she was saved by one of the Abkhazians...

They say repetition is the mother of knowledge, but listening to that shocking story may be a mother to knowledge but to Noah Sulaberidze (he's the manager of that TV show) it's the source of income.

Alright, let the show be scandalous. If I'm not mistaken it's an entertainment show and after all people win money by participating in it.

By the way, about the money... in various forums people expressed various opinions about it. Some said they were tired from such programs, some said it's time we forget the atrocities of war and some said they invited that woman to the show in order to give her some money and help her somehow...

If they wanted to give her money then what did they need such a big show for? Our TV people sometimes spend 4,000 GEL (the sum won by Naira Kalandia) during one night, but the most important thing is this:

To put it simply the managers of the show wanted to once again remind the people through the mouth of that poor woman how bad the Russians are and how good the Abkhazians are.

I'm not going to discuss the goodness or badness of anyone here, but it's a fact that the show has lost its primary goal and turned into an instrument of political propaganda. Everyone knows that for a fact, but I'm still reminding it to you, because repetition is the mother of knowledge!

The main problems of our TV stations are irresponsibility, lack of professionalism and dependence on the market; but in this case we're also dealing with political will and as a result, the viewers were forced to watch the horror show on June 29, 2010 called the Moment of Truth in such an unbearable heat!

Recently a funny thing happened in North Korea: the only TV channel of that country showed the Koreans the footage from the World Cup match between Brazil and North Korea and the viewers were shown only the goal scored by a North Korean soccer player and they were told that North Korea had beat Brazil national team!

As you know World Cup matches are not broadcast live in North Korea and correspondingly, local political forces can easily "model" reality and truth.

How far do you think is Pyongyang? Wait a while, the answer will be announced in the Moment of Truth show!

So long!







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