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18.07.2010 23:55

An anonym had a comment posted to one of my previous articles: "You write things right on time."

I don’t know whether due to my obstinacy or anything else but after reading the comment I had an irresistible desire to write something undue and mistimed.

That’s why I made up my mind to speak about the program having somehow closed the season earliest and for a few weeks now Maya Asatiani’s Profile show hasn’t been beautifying Imedi TV air.

Was telling you about mistiming – having this program on air and enjoying the highest rating already means time stopped in Georgia long ago.

I am not against Profile only, I mean the trend in general – there is a kind of belief in Georgia that audience asks for the programs of low quality while no one has ever conducted an opinion poll what TV audience wants to see. As a result of this myth we have the show of the kind.

Let’s start from the very beginning and follow step by step. What do you think what the TV management would do to the anchor if the latter in a normal television asked the guest: "What feeling did you have when your child died?"

Here is another example: we all remember the way she kept asking Nodar Dumbadze’s daughter four times in row: "When your father was writing stories were you sitting under the table?"

The thing is that few minutes earlier Mrs Manana Dumbadze had mentioned she loved sitting under his dad’s table. And since then the Profile presenter hasn’t posed any other question – whatever Mrs Manana recollected, Maya kept asking about her sitting under the table.

Eventually Mrs Manana seemed to be fed up and answered: "I was not living under that table, I used to go out too!"

Nodar Dumbadze’s daughter of course wouldn’t have a difficulty giving a good answer!

Impossible to forget a fantabulous moment when one of the guests at the studio (can’t remember exactly who) said telling a very tragic story: "the offenders knocked me down." The anchor asked – "were you lying down for long?"

I would like to point out that the idea and the format of the program itself is not bad but due to such occurrences tragedy turns into comedy and vice versa!

In principle that can be no more called occurrences, it’s art!

Indisputably one should have an extraordinary imagination to invite the same band in 90% of programs within one season!

It is absolutely exciting to hear the music accompanying the program and see the anchor dancing! It reminds me of the programs aired on Evrika TV not so long ago.

Larry King too used to dance with Janette Jackson and Opra Winfree did it too but Maya Asatiani is as much different from Opra as Nino Chkheidze from Janette Jackson, so it’s just a sign of a low class when two beautiful slender girls are dancing with drunkard songs and especially in a high-rating show and it’s even worse if one of the girls is singing the song and the second one is the anchor of the program!

That’s how it is, but still, somehow it enjoys high rating!

Have mentioned above that only Profile show is not the case. I just wanted to say a few words about the culture of shows and the professionalism of their anchors. Good if I did it and if I failed then I am gonna be a good show man too!

Hopefully Profile will be the pioneer in opening the new TV season, the way it closed down for summer and we are not going to lack fresh funny things!

See you!







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