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Burqa, Tweets and Minister

27.07.2010 16:51

For the last few days I have carefully observed Georgian bloggers. Their number is boosting day by day and keeping an eye on all of them is a little bit hard task. In addition to blogs the events of interest are being on through social networks. Facebook enjoys the highest popularity rating at our side, now Twitter is being picked up. In short below please find the review of two interesting blogs, from my personal point of view, and the most important social network events of the last few days. From now on will be offering the reviews of the kind.

Video Lecture

Blogger Shota (Leeshtota) Khinchagishvili ( has launched the publication of video lectures on his blog The running time of the first video post is 20 minutes. In general very few Georgian bloggers run video blogs and the ones doing it actually never discuss serious topics. Lishtota's lectures are provided online via live stream, later the records are available to any user.

The video lecture posted on July 18 the Georgian blogger talks about the activity carried out by the Ministry of Economics of Georgia for the "development of Georgian blogging." One can't argue with the Ministry stating it supports the development of this field," says the blogger. If I were in their shoes I would do the same. When the Ministry of Economics or any other non- law enforcement state body starts cooperation with bloggers we should start being careful. Here (in Georgia) the freedom of information is not restricted but neither private information is protected. Private conversations whose-ever needed are being bugged. The privacy of IP addresses is not technically protected. We lack the culture of taking care of confidentiality of one's private information and so on and so forth."

The blogger considers the engagement of Georgian bloggers into various projects, under the initiative of the Ministry of Economics, makes bloggers automatically accountable to the Ministry and in case of any problems avoid writing any bad about this state body.

France vs. Muslim Women

On July 18 the Georgian blogger Tornike Getsadze responded to the French restrictions on Burqa, a religious garment of Muslim women.  The title of the post is High Heels - Burqa Restriction Criticizers Fail (

The post reads: "The Europe restricting Burqa and Spiderman uniform is a kind of step backward. The main issue is neither the argument nor the object of restriction - the only thing that matters is the state poking its nose wherever it doesn't fit in."

Eventually the post on the blog incited an interesting discussion. The comment by one of the users reads as follows: "whatever is inside Burqa is a free person free to wear anything! And restriction of Burqa inflames more fear than Halloween or regular clothing. Such a huge step backward - what a fun, people in the 21st century are directed what not to wear, it's a shame."

Some of the readers support the restriction on Burqa and they see nothing embarrassing in it: "I agree with banning Burqa and imposing sanctions for husbands. How can we talk about a person when a woman has no rights and she does whatever the husband instructs. The woman wearing Burqa will be a person if she had any kind of possibility to express herself. They haven't even got friends except a close circle and they can never have one since no one wants to talk a black box. What am I doing when a human dressed in Burqa enters the metro station? I try to avoid her or leave the carriage."

Twitter vie Cell Phone

Few years ago as result of the cooperation between the Ministry of Economics and Singular Group a new service was launched mainly used by Georgian bloggers. The aforementioned service enables any user to update Twitter statuses through the phone text message. With the view of promoting the project a contest was announced. The blogger having written the best post about and gaining the majority users would be awarded with a PC. The wish to win a computer got tens of bloggers involved into the contest. The result is now evident: for the last few days over 30 people follows my Twitter. Day by day more and more people from Georgia appear to be registered on Twitter. But a tiny problem has still popped up: Thus far Twitter doesn't disseminate the information that might be of any use. A part of bloggers update their statuses every five minutes. The texts read as follows: "oh Gosh have been totally burnt in the sun," "Have just stepped into the bus," "I am getting into the Metro station," and the like.

Minister on Twitter

In the last few days the main event on Facebook (!/profile.php?id=701925485&v=wall&ref=ts) and Twitter ( was the discovery of reports by Vera Kobalia, a recently appointed Minster of Economic and Sustainable Development. For years Vera Kobalia, 28, has been living in Kanada. She arrived in Georgia few months ago. She was appointed to the position of the Minister few weeks ago.

Through Facebook Vera Kobalia publicized the vacancies in the Ministry. Few days later she instructed the applicants to indicate in their resumes the vacancies they are applying for. So far the Minster has been posting statuses on social networks in English only.







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