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Devil's Claw Root, Infernal Stone, Knife with Black Handle and Imedi TV

09.09.2010 20:04
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"History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce," Karl Marx once quoted. And however hard we try to assert the falsity of Marxism as ideology it's now impossible to cast doubts on the correctness of this quote.

In general our society, for ages now, has been known for the keen interest into fortunetellers and storytellers.

The examples of Zurab built into Surami fortress following Vardo's order and Irakli Lomaia, far better-off than many of the businessmen are more than enough to prove it.

But despite all the aforementioned applying this trade as propaganda is a pure Georgian invention and the copyright of course belongs to our dear and unique Imedi TV company.

Since long ago occultists and clairvoyants have been generally used in politics and PR but as advisors not as agitators.

For those who failed to suss out or haven't seen the program: I mean Imedi TV show Battle of Clairvoyants won by Temur Khiblishvili, as they say absolutely deservedly.

On the following day Temur Khiblishvili was invited to the Show of the Day. In the course of the program one of the TV viewers posed him a question via SMS - "What is Georgia to expect?"

Khiblishvili answered:

a) six months ahead of the August war he knew the war would break out, and all his relatives and acquaintances were aware of it;

b) on September 7, 2010 a disorder is expected so the Georgians should pray and take care of one another;

c) Catholicos Patriarch of all Georgia is "the last of the Holiness!"

Let's discuss it now - if Khiblishvili knew about the outbreak of the war six months earlier and if his relatives and acquaintances were aware of it I wonder why the know-all Georgian intelligence service (I mean the one bugging everyone) missed it and first of all why Imedi TV didn't set an alarm. Six months is not a fun thing, within six months two revolutions too place in Georgia and how come they failed to find out that a clairvoyant from Ateni was predicting war?

Let's move to the following point - Something might happen on September 7. The correctness of Marx theory emerged here. History repeats itself - "simulated Kronika" was a real tragedy having left many sick with fear and stress.

Imedi staff were easily forgiven and this time they tried for worse - probably they haven't read Marx, that's why.

Ahead of Khiblishvili's visit to the Show of the Day astrologist Ramaz Gigauri was invited to the same show few days earlier. The guest was asked what would happen on December 21, 2012. Ramazi invited everyone to his place for tea on December 22, 2012.

I am going to follow him - tomorrow is September 7 and those who like me believe that this panic is "simulated" are invited to my place - I can make you cool coffee.

And the last paragraph C - Catholicos Patriarch of all Georgia is "the last of the Holiness!"

I don't know (and wouldn't like to know) what Mr Temur meant but such an open, unconcealed and impudent attack made by the television against a clerical authority cannot be traced anywhere in the history.

But instead all the attacks against any religion and the ending of all those attacks is well remembered in the history but Imedi TV is not required to know it - they are unaware of Marx's quotes, how can they know that?

See you!

P.S. I once asked a neighbor of mine: "Do you know who Giuseppe Verdi was?" - "Brother of Efrem Verdi" - was the answer!







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