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Radios Beyond Criticism

08.11.2010 22:48

The whole universe seems like allying against TV companies and TV presenters. At least an ordinary reader will have this impression when looking through the letters or blogs full of criticism about Georgian media. While radio ...

Having dug out the whole of the .ge net and press one can find no single letter criticizing either radio, radio presenter or radio program. Whatever is being written is of informational nature, no radio program is being discussed in a professional manner. No good and no bad is being written about them. But I would confide to you I start thinking about this issue after having come across an interesting blog published in the Guardian.

Elisabeth Mahoney regularly writes about radio programs on the Guardian website. In her September 15 letter Elisabeth Mahoney provided a comparison between the talk shows broadcast on two different radio channels with the same guest in the studio. In a very simple language, through few paragraphs, the critic told the readers about the signs making the two radio interviews distinct. Having reviewed the presenters' interview techniques and discussed the questions posed the writer said both radio programs revealed ultimately different portraits of the same person. The letters of the kind are being posted on the Guardian several times a day. Elisabeth Mahoney only has posted up to 2,000 publications about radio programs.

Unfortunately radio lacks popularity among Georgian media critics. For instance the Georgia Public TV channel enjoys numerous critics but very little or nothing is being written about public radio. While tens of radio stations broadcast in Tbilisi only.

While radios work in a far more prompt way, have got more exclusive pieces of news. One can get sure of that following a very superficial and short observation. No need to go far. Let's recollect the way radio stations worked during the Georgian-Russian war when the disaster befell many in the cars, on the way. Radio was the only source of information in the extreme conditions. Radio is available anywhere. If you have got a mobile phone, and in Georgia almost everyone has got one, you can listen to radio programs in the street too.

Then why aren't media critics talking about radio? I have got no answer.







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