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Save Our Star!

25.11.2010 21:50

See, I too have started writing with subtitles.

Notwithstanding the title of my letter it is dedicated neither to Mikheil Tsagareli nor late Evgeni Kharadze and especially nor the Beatles' drummer.

I am going to tell you about an ordinary country that was to be saved and whose citizens were begging other countries for survival and at the same time spending hardly earned pennies to save some likely to become stars through SMS voting.

Some of you might consider me as archaic and old-fashioned and stop reading right now in protest but still I have got to say that (using archaic Georgian) since the media version against the Georgian users pocket applied by interactive contests (based on text messages and with the mobile service provider as the only winner) and their organizers I cannot express and describe through modern vocabulary.

Let's have a glance at it in a different way: a person is talented, goes to take part in the contest, having undergone several hideous castings, in case of any lapsus he/she is gonna face mockery of the online audience under 19 and after that being lucky to reach final stage a real self-abandonment starts - relatives selling houses to spend on text messages, fans' screaming from the concert hall and endless debates on internet forums over the jury bias to contesters and why.

In Georgia, and especially taking into account current media situation, if the bias in the contests of the kind were equal to zero or even below zero, no one is going to believe.

But do you know what is essential? Let's take a music contest... Actually all Georgian contests ultimately turn into music contests.

Let's take any contest. What is the winner going to become? A star, of course.

Once Buba Kikabidze said: if you are a star you should be shining. I can't understand a star living in a rented room and appearing on the stage in the shoes bought at Lilo market.

Now don't start telling me and Mr Buba that all can't be well off - firstly SMS contests are targeted at the well off or the relatives of the well off for that simple reason text messages are not free.

I don't accept the following motive either: he/she might be having many supporters. However high the number of supporters might be it's impossible to send as many messages as needed for victory (sending text messages throughout 12 weeks is no joke). And besides I would like to remind you that it's Georgia - if you have many friends and relatives it means you have got money, and if you have got money you need no support of others.

But anyway, something else is essential: no one telling these contesters, their supporters and SMS senders that in order to become a star more is to be done, at least changing a family name.

FYI: to become a star Norma Jeane Mortenson turned into Merilyn Monroe, Sofia Villani Scicolone into - Sophia Loren, and Maria Louise Ciccone into - Madonna.

And now no one can convince me that Eldar Ukhurgunashvili, Jimsher Gardapkhadze and Zhenia Uturgauli are going to become stars without changing their first and last names.

And besides, when the population and audience, even in case of 100% presence, doesn't exceed three million, speaking about being a star is a way too much, to put it lightly.

Hence, we as well as contesters, their relatives, the well off and the poor are being cheated by the same people - TV company managers and phone companies/mobile service providers.

That's a serious probelm leading to the customers' rights.

And TV viewers sit and keep messaging, and now SMS support to the future stars is available from abroad too, and now we can simultaneously send five messages. 2011 is coming and nothing is changing at our side...

And in the end, for those who failed to suss out - the abbreviation of my title stands for SOS! SMS and save Titanic from sinking!

See you!







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