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What's That Media Doing to Us?

25.12.2010 21:09

I know it's not a matter of jokes, but still here's a little joke for starters:

A guy is driving down an expressway in a brand new Lamborghini. The road is empty and the driver is accelerating his car. Suddenly he sees a chicken running in front of his car. The guy's shocked, so he accelerates even more, but still can't catch up with the chicken, the more he accelerates the faster the chicken goes.

Finally the chicken runs to a farmhouse and the driver follows it. A man comes out of the farmhouse and the driver asks him:

-         What kind of chicken was that man? I've been driving behind it trying to catch up but I couldn't!

-         That, mister, is a new broiler -type chicken we just bred it a month ago, we did it ourselves!

-         And does it taste good?

-         I don't know mister, we've been running after it since we bred it and if we ever catch it I'll tell you how it tastes! - The farmer answers.

The moral of that joke is as follows: one shouldn't create something that can't be controlled and used.

Let's forget the moral and the joke for a moment, - this time I decided to imitate my compatriots and direct my all-annihilating eye to the north.

A crisis is brewing in Russia.

The situation is getting harder every day. Number of skirmishes increases; Liberals accuse the Russian government of aggravating the situation, the government is doing what it always does - it issues threats. Nationalists are trying to throw the Caucasians out saying Russia is for Russians. The Caucasians are threatening the Russians saying we're full of your neo-fascism!..

Now I wouldn't like to imitate my compatriots that much, therefore I'll try to be consistent and explain to you why that all concerns us and why we should be cautious.

I will not touch politics - aggression against Caucasians in Russia has had a long history and people that are more competent than me have written about it.

I just want to point out that this (and not only this) hatred and aggression is being reinforced by a concrete thing and that thing is media.

Besides being an Empire of Evil and country of Iron Curtains,  the Soviet Union was also a propaganda machine, the situation was similar to that of modern North Korea. The Soviet broadcasting apparatus had one big lung and listeners, readers and TV audiences received only the news that people "above" wanted them to receive. Use of any other media outlets was punishable by law.

Then that country collapsed and the big Soviet press was divided into smaller post-Soviet media outlets. We all know what we got and what we have now, so I'm not going to dwell on it much.

Russian press was divided into several parts just like the Russian Federation itself. Several broadcasting companies were formed that were oppositional to the existing government, which, in its turn, was supported by strong pro-government media outlets.

The main legacy that the Russian media got from the Soviet press was xenophobic policies, which, as you know, are rarely different from the state's main policies.

When something happens in a country and if that country has rulers and the rulers have brains they can always use that something to their advantage whatever that may be.

That's how communist Kremlin acted - it was constantly insulting, deriding and issuing caricatures about the "rotten capitalists". The other fourteen republic of the Soviet Union had no say in this.

The Russian media started to walk down the same road and directed that attitude towards their own citizens. The destruction syndrome has transformed into self-destruction syndrome, they persecute their own citizens with nationalism. As a result they got what they now have in Moscow streets.

And propaganda has a big influence. Russians still believe that there are 40 million Georgians and we represent a serious military threat for their country. That belief is reinforced by post-Soviet media.

Russia for Russians! Such slogans with the names of corresponding countries have been shouted before in various corners of the world.

And for better or worse all those slogans had the same end. I will not name the examples, let's look over our own history and we'll understand it all.

If something happens in Moscow, of course Russian media will also be partially responsible for that, because the media outlets were the ones to open way to that monster called hatred towards one's own citizens. Media has opened Pandora's Box, on whose orders? That's another question.

As for us, they say fools learn on their mistakes and the smart ones learn on others' mistakes. We have experience in both cases, we and others around us have made so many mistakes that if we use our memory and logic right we must understand that governed or misgoverned media can often be fatal.

See you!







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